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Bioacoustic correction of autism


Bioacoustic correction of ASD is one of the latest techniques proposed by scientists to help children with autism spectrum disorder. It is also used to help children with vascular, nervous, psychopathic, and neuroinfectious diseases. The technique helps to renew the brain and reduce the disease symptoms.

Bioacoustic correction (BAC), as an official methodology, has a scientific basis and has undergone various clinical tests in the world’s leading scientific centers. A specialized software and hardware complex is used for this therapy.

The bioacoustic method of autism treatment is prescribed for the following diagnoses:

  • Autism
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Hyperactivity
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Neurotic disorders
  • Auditory and speech disorders

The essence of autism biocorrection

EEG sensors and headphones are placed on the child’s head during the procedure. Special sounds, which are transformed brain signals, are fed through them. Correction is carried out in cycles; one session usually does not exceed 15 minutes. The incoming brain signals are analyzed by the hardware and software systems.

Sound affects the brain’s neural networks, thus triggering the body’s self-regulation and recovery processes. This is recorded with an EEG. Bioacoustic therapy for autism works at a deep level, positively affecting the CNS and the brain itself.

Bioacoustic correction of autism helps to achieve good therapeutic results, including:

  • Improvement of higher mental functions, such as speech functions
  • Elimination of weakness and excessive fatigue
  • Restoration of a biologically correct sleeping regime
  • Improvement of concentration and memory
  • Normalization of the psycho-emotional state in such disorders as hysteria, aggression, irritability, etc.
  • Elimination of headaches
  • Normalization of the child’s general health indicators

Results of bioacoustic therapy for autism

Many parents note that this treatment method has had quite a beneficial effect on their children’s health and behavior. For example, most of them report an increased interest in the outside world, which was not the case before. Autistic children become more socially active and communicative, more easily engage in conversation with adults, and play with other kids with interest. The disadvantages of the methodology include the fact that it does not cure the pathology, and it is necessary to undergo courses of such therapy on a regular basis.

Innovative treatment of a child’s autism with stem cells is a unique opportunity to suspend the pathogenesis and eliminate most of the disease symptoms!

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is one of the best medical institutions in Europe, where a modern stem cell transplantation procedure is performed to treat children with autism spectrum disorder. It has an amazing effect, and many children who have undergone it are now studying at school together with normally developing children and have all the chances for an excellent future. The most important advantage of cell therapy over other methods is that it eliminates the cause of the disease: genetic abnormalities in the brain.

If your child needs correction for autism, sign up for stem cell transplantation to overcome ASD!

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