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Behaviour therapy as a rehabilitation complement to a new treatment for autism with stem cell transplantation


There are no effective cures for autism in modern medicine, but some methods offer the possibility of correcting its manifestations. Such conservative methods include behavioural therapy for autism.

It is aimed at correcting symptoms such as fear, anxiety, unfriendliness, aggressive and inappropriate behaviour, poor communication skills, speech dysfunctions, unwillingness to establish social bonds, and so on.

Behaviour therapy for autistic children is the basis of a treatment protocol. Now doctors have newer and more effective methods of treatment to use. But let’s explain them one by one.

Behaviour therapy for autistics includes the following methods:

  • ABA-therapy — Applied Behaviour Analysis. The main idea of the method is to achieve a positive result from any action that a child would like to repeat.
  • VBT — Verbal Behavioural Therapy, the development of conscious, meaningful communication with the world around us.
  • CBT — Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the core of which is to determine the triggers of a specific type of behaviour. It helps to cope with anxiety and fear.
  • DIR — therapy of individual differences and relationship development. Its goal is to create motivation to communicate with family members and friends, thus overcoming the fear of communicating.
  • RDI — development of family relationships, family approach to treatment, implementation of social and emotional goals of therapy
  • TEASNN is a combined program for maintaining the health of autistic children in order to deeply socialise them and prevent the placement of patients in specialized institutions.

Effectiveness and the effectiveness of behavioural therapy for children with ASD

According to numerous scientific studies, long-term, regular, and intensive behavioural therapy improves the success of therapeutic protocols.

So, behavioural correction of children’s autism will be effective if it takes 30–40 hours a week for 2 or more years. Its result is the correction and improvement of social and intellectual development, speech abilities, and everyday skills to a certain extent.

At the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, your child will undergo a cell transplantation procedure, after which behavioural therapy will become effective.

Correction of autism in childhood with stem cells is the only really efficient method in modern medicine.

Cellular therapy is the treatment of the future for pathologies that are currently considered incurable, including autism. Stem cells have the ability to replace damaged cells with healthy ones in any organ of the human body. Thanks to this, recovery occurs. So, this method is now used in treating many neurological and cardiac pathologies and even as an oncological therapy.

Treatment for children’s autism spectrum disorder restores the correct structure of the cerebellum, cerebral cortex, and limbic system. That is, manifestations of autism wane on the whole, and partial recovery occurs. No traditional technique gives such an effect, but it contributes to the treatment of autism.

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