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Ayurvedic Treatment of Autism


This treatment for autism in India, which is the birthplace of the Ayurvedic view of medicine, is a specific approach, unlike other therapeutic methods. It is an entire philosophy that considers ASD not as a genetic pathology caused by changes in brain structure, but as a metabolic disorder that makes the body unable to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. Ayurveda doctors believe that the body’s inability to eliminate accumulated toxins causes cerebral damage. This, in turn, leads to other dysfunctions common in autistic children.

Aims of autism treatment using Ayurveda

According to the above statement, Ayurvedic therapy focuses on removing toxic accumulations, normalising metabolism and nutrient absorption, and energising the brain cells that need to be restored.

Ayurvedic medicines to treat autism

There are no specific remedies that are effective against autism spectrum disorder. Usually, it is a whole complex, consisting of:

  • Certain medications, prescribed by a doctor
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Individual diet
  • Massage therapy

The doctor prepares a personalised treatment programme for each patient. Its efficiency is usually evaluated after six months, when the first results can be noticed. The correction course can last up to 4 years. Ayurveda doctors believe that if therapy is started in early childhood or immediately after diagnosing the disease, it can give good results, and sometimes even lead to recovery.

Three main criteria for the therapeutic approach to autism ayurveda:

  1. Nutrition – balanced, healthy, and complete
  2. Hydration – reducing the amount of consumed protein, which dries out tissues and the body
  3. Detoxification – eliminating toxins


Medicinal herbs are essential to treat autism, but the other foods that the child consumes must also be “correct”. These include: organic milk and meat, non-GMO vegetables and fruits grown without pesticides, and avoiding any products containing preservatives.

Results and prospects of Ayurvedic correction of autism

One should realise that Ayurvedic remedies to autism are not the panacea. This branch of alternative medicine may perceive ASD as a metabolic disorder, but evidentiary medicine considers it quite differently. It has been scientifically determined that autism is caused by pathological changes in the brain. Herbs, diet and massage cannot be used to restore them.

If you contact Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, you will receive qualified medical care that is guaranteed to be more effective than Ayurvedic medicines.

Children’s autism treatment with stem cells is a procedure you should undergo to maximise the recovery of your child’s health

Today, this correction of child autism is very popular because it:

  • Changes the brain structure at the cellular level, revitalising it
  • Intensifies the effect of other correctional methods
  • Ensures the achievement of a persistent and long-lasting therapeutic effect.

Find out more about treatment of child’s autism spectrum disorder with stem cells – contact the clinic’s consultants!


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