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Educational method for children with autism through social stories


The list of alternative educational programs for autistic people includes the technique of influencing the autistic brain with social stories for educational purposes. This technique is believed to be helpful in learning.

Goals of listening to social stories:

  • Providing the child with specific information to master specific skills
  • Providing information about abstract concepts
  • Training the child on how to adequately respond to life situations
  • Increasing the child’s social activity

Social stories are stories compiled by teaching methodologists in cooperation with physicians and scientists. They are presented in a form that is easy for a child to understand, can play an important pedagogical role, and can contribute to the success of other correctional techniques for autism.

A technique for teaching autistic children through social stories

Interaction with the patient begins with an analysis of behaviour to determine undesirable forms of behaviour. Auditory correction of autism with social stories is carried out when the therapist or teacher determines which story will be optimal for a particular patient in order to instill new concepts.

It is encouraged for the social histories to be compiled by a specialist who knows the patient very well in everyday life and knows the patient’s medical history. For social adaptation in autism, these stories can be told or read to a child along with comments from the reader. Listening to stories from audio records is less effective; visual contact with the reader, facial expressions, intonation, presence, and personal assessment contribute to better perception.

Results of the development of social skills in children with ASD through oral histories

Since the technique is an alternative method, it is not generally accepted and widely used. Often, auditory correction for autism using social stories is carried out in combination with other techniques or programs. Autistic children perceive stories very well because many love fairy tales and interesting histories. The brain is at rest at the moment of listening and is able to adopt new information easily.

Stories must be accompanied by comments from a teacher, therapist, or parent in order to consolidate the information that the child has received. It is also necessary to practice and apply the acquired skill or understanding of a particular phenomenon or event in life. In a global sense, technology only combats some symptoms of pathology and promotes a child’s learning.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a clinic where you can undergo a revolutionary treatment for ASD — autoimmune stem cell transplantation — which will eliminate the cause of the disease and its symptoms.

The clinic is located in Tbilisi, and it is very convenient to get to from any country in Europe. Cellular treatment is the most preferred method because it is much more effective than any other treatment for childhood autism spectrum disorder.

The main advantages of treatment at the Mardaleishvili MC are:

  • High-quality medical services
  • An adequate pricing policy for all procedures, which is more affordable than in other European countries
  • Qualified specialists
  • Availability of a cryobank and laboratories with modern equipment
  • Assistance in organising the treatment and stay for foreign patients

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