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ASSERT program for autism


This program to help autistic people was created at Utah State University more than a decade ago by Professor Higbee and his associates. They view autism spectrum disorder through the lens of an individual’s behaviour and analyse it in terms of normality and abnormality to address unwanted behaviours.

ASSERT for ASD is a functional approach to modify the changeable characteristics of a child’s behaviour. According to this approach, the therapist’s attention is focused on specific strenghts and deficits in existing skills. It ensures the individuality of the treatment and maximises the effect, depending on the individual needs of each person.

The ASSERT program may consist of the following list of techniques, selected based on the individual:

  • Natural learning in a home atmosphere or in a regular school, taking into account a child’s skills;
  • Training with educational materials: scenarios, cards, and illustrations;
  • Video training, modeling, and audio therapies;
  • Training of key social reactions and interactions.

ASSERT and early intervention in the pathogenesis of autism is a classic evidence-based method that is actively practised in medical institutions. Its advantage is that the program combines many different techniques which may be used in combination to enhance mutual effectiveness. They can be used not only in institutions specializing in autism, but also at home and at school.

The main thing is to agree on the nuances of the correction with a doctor. ASSERT for autism can yield good results with regular and systematic use, especially if specialised and home correction are combined. It is also advisable to simultaneously look for other correction methods that will also have an additional effect. Cellular correction is especially useful in this regard.

Efficacy of ASSERT compared to stem cell transplantation

This method is aimed at correcting symptoms. Only one procedure today actually treats ASD by restoring anatomically correct brain structure with stem cells. ASSERT reduces demonstrations of unwanted behaviour, but cell therapy achieves this effect through cellular transformation, thereby eliminating a wide variety of symptoms of the disease. The restored brain after transplantation works completely differently and can solve more serious tasks, just like the brain of a healthy person.

Treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder with stem cells is a method that helps autistic people significantly overcome symptoms of the disease!

The procedure of stem cell transplantation for the correction of childhood autism has been in use for many years but is not large-scale since it requires appropriate conditions and the qualification of a doctor. Today, cellular treatment for childhood autism is carried out in only a few countries around the world. Residents of Europe have the opportunity to undergo such therapy in Georgia at the most favourable cost.

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