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Art Therapy For Autism


Art therapy for autism is a type of psychological assistance for patients with autism spectrum disorder that is based on immersing consciousness in creativity or art. It is important to understand that there is a huge difference between ordinary drawing and professional therapy: the first is leisure or distraction, and the second is a narrowly focused activity with the formation of specific skills and achieving a certain result.

The point of art therapy

Art therapy for autism focuses on maximally reducing the emotional burden on the patient. Using creative activities, the therapist creates an atmosphere of trust and relaxation and stimulates the patient’s open and sincere behaviour and ability to express feelings and states in images, overcoming anxiety. And it is very important not to focus on the level of aesthetics of activity — expression and self-expression in a form acceptable to them are important in work with autists.

The purpose of art therapy exercises for autists

Various types of creative activities help to concentrate attention, develop imagination, memory, and fine motor skills.

Types of art therapy for ASD

Creative activity is not only drawing. Anything can be suitable to awaken creativity: photography, embroidery, modelling, reciting poetry, making toys, etc.

The most popular types of art therapy are:

  1. Drama therapy
  2. Fairytale therapy
  3. Music therapy
  4. Bibliotherapy
  5. Puppet therapy
  6. Movement and dance therapy
  7. Cinema therapy
  8. Sand therapy

The type of art therapy for autistic children should be selected individually depending on the characteristics of the particular patient’s condition. The most important thing is that the activity should not be routine and complex; it is easier for a child to get involved in the process if the proposed activity is something new, interesting, and unusual.

Advantages of art therapy for children with autism:

  • Suitable for every patient with minimal interest in creative activities
  • Autistic children have difficulty correlating words and feelings, so creativity can be a convenient way for them to express themselves
  • Immersion of consciousness in the boundless sphere of creativity removes psychological blocks and awakens openness
  • Art promotes socialisation and communication skills

Conclusions about art therapy for autism

Immersion in an unusual environment removes a child’s control of consciousness and lowers their level of self-defence, making it much easier to “get through” to their psyche. This is the goal of psychological help for an autist. High effectiveness can be achieved if simple, understandable, and interesting types of art therapy are selected for the child. But art therapy does not have a strong effect on the restoration of an autist’s brain.

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