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Treatment of autism with aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is an additional method that can be used to alleviate the condition of an autistic child. It is used for various psycho-emotional diseases and conditions. This practice has been proven to help a person relax, normalise their mood, and come into harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Treating autism with aromatherapy is an opportunity to safely harmonise a child’s mood and restore psycho-emotional balance.

Aromatherapy for ASD involves the use of certain essential oils.

Autism is a mental disorder on the autistic spectrum, a condition characterised by such symptoms as restlessness, anxiety, excessive agitation, and aggressiveness. Aromatherapy can solve these problems. Inhaling aromatic oils not only produces a calming effect but also helps develop self-esteem. Many of the oils that are used in aromatherapy are also good for the flu and colds and can be used for relaxation after a hard day.

The top 3 essential oils for aromatherapy for autism are:

  • Lavender: This essential oil has a mild but quite potent aroma. It helps to overcome insomnia and promotes deep and high-quality sleep. This is very important for autistic people, as they may have trouble sleeping all night. This essential oil is used in the form of inhalation or during a massage.
  • Cedar: This oil has a woody, smoky aroma that both relaxes the body and awakens the senses. It helps to find harmony. Thanks to this, the child will easily perform routine tasks, will be calm and balanced, and will be restrained when communicating with peers. Regular sessions with cedar essential oil will promote normal socialisation and will provide the child with vigour and energy for the whole day.
  • Vetiver: This oil has a bright, musky aroma. It is the most useful essential oil for patients with ASD because it is very effective at overcoming the symptoms of the pathology. This happens because vetiver stimulates the parts of the brain that are responsible for emotions and hormones. Children learn to better express their emotions and feelings when they are embarrassed or upset.

Despite its effectiveness, aromatherapy is not therapeutic and cannot completely eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

By contacting the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, you are giving yourself access to the best modern technology — cell therapy.

Advantages of stem cell correction for childhood autism:

  • Powerful therapeutic effect manifested through cellular reconstruction of the brain
  • Long-lasting effect, which can be enhanced by other therapeutic methods
  • Noticeable improvement in a child’s well-being and behaviour

This type of treatment for autistic spectrum disorder is very popular because it literally changed the understanding of the possibilities of treating autism and gave autistic children a chance to start living full, healthy, active lives. All parents speak very positively about stem cell treatment for childhood autism and recommend it to families with similar problems.

Schedule a consultation about the treatment of childhood autism with stem cells — choose an effective, affordable, and safe treatment method.

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