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Antifungal therapy for autism and other effective biomedical methods against ASD


Biotherapy for autism is a collective name for some methods that aim to activate the body’s own defence capabilities to combat the disease. In most cases, there is strengthening the immune system, combating biological factors that cause pathology, and stem cell treatment. There are also methods that fall into this category, although it is initially difficult to understand their relationship with autism spectrum disorder.

For example, the rationality of prescribing vitamins and minerals is unquestionable, but the relationship between helminths, candida fungus, and autism is not so obvious. But let’s sort out how antifungal therapy for autism and other biomethods help in treatment.

Anticandidal therapy

Candida fungus actively develops in a body with a weakened immune system, negatively affecting the brain through the circulatory system. Therefore, antifungal therapy for autism is very important because it restores normal microflora.

Antibacterial therapy

For the same reason of reduced immunity, the body of an autistic child is sensitive to viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Biotherapy for autism involves laboratory diagnostics for the identification of harmful bacteria and the use of appropriate antibacterial drugs.

Antiparasitic therapy

Autism spectrum disorder can also lead to infection of the intestines with helminths because the weakened body facilitates their vital activity.

Diet therapy

Exclusion of certain foods that cause allergic reactions and taking vitamin and mineral complexes are recommended for activation of the body’s defence.


A strong immune system is able to protect the body from various destructive external factors, to resist viruses and bacteria, and to help enhance the therapeutic effect of the procedures.

Stem cell therapy for autism

This is the most modern method of biocorrection for autism, which began to be used quite recently. However, many scientific and clinical trials have proven the high effectiveness of the stem cell transplantation procedure for the pathogenesis of the disease. Today, this method of childhood autism correction is a popular and promising treatment that has already helped to achieve unprecedented results.

Such treatment for childhood autism is safe and does not have many contraindications, so it is recommended for almost all patients who have stored cord blood or have the possibility of collecting it from the bone marrow. The procedure itself is simple and painless, children tolerate it well, and the result exceeds expectations. More details about it can be found on the clinic’s website.

Advantages of stem cell treatment for autism spectrum disorder:

  • Cellular renewal of the brain
  • Restoration of impaired brain functions
  • Improvement of cognitive and mental processes
  • Normalisation of social and behavioural factors
  • Maximal reduction of disease symptoms

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