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Antiepileptic Medications in Cases of Autism


Scientific statistics show that epilepsy is diagnosed in less than 2% of the world’s general healthy population. Patients with autism spectrum disorder have a higher epilepsy diagnosis rate of 30%. This article explains the connection between these diseases and why antiepileptic medications are used against autism.

Epilepsy and autism spectrum disorder have similar impairments and symptoms among children:

  • Absent, blank, almost empty stare
  • Unusual movements of body parts, nervous tics
  • Unusual tactile sensations
  • Low concentration, poor memory

The interconnection of autism and epilepsy

Scientists have found out that there is a connection between the regression of autism and epilepsy, when the patient gradually loses acquired skills. Epilepsy, like autism, can occur for genetic reasons, not only after brain injury. ASD is diagnosed four times more often in male patients, although female patients with autism are more likely to have epilepsy.

Rational basis for autism antiepileptic therapy

Because of the atypical similarities between ASD and epilepsy, doctors believe that the same group of medications can be used to treat them. Currently, there is no single effective therapy for either epilepsy or autism. Doctors are only able to correct the symptoms.

Peculiarities of autism treatment with antiepileptic drugs

Although these two diseases have a symptomatic correlation, the same medications cannot always be used for their treatment. This is because pathologies have different origins and different courses. It is wrong to only treat the symptomatic picture. Today, autism is effectively treated with cellular correction, which eliminates the root cause of the disease.

Effectiveness of ASD treatment with antiepileptic medications

This approach to the therapy of autism spectrum disorder is symptomatic. Of course, some medications can help overcome autism symptoms. But epilepsy and ASD are different diseases. Medications can be not only ineffective but also harmful, as they have many side effects. There is no strong evidence that antiepileptic drugs can be prescribed without risk to the autistic patient’s health.

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