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Antidepressant Treatment for Autism


According to the latest scientific data, autistic patients suffer from depression four times more than normal people. Scientists have not yet discovered the reason why it develops. This is why antidepressants are quite popular in the case of autism.

Interesting fact: the more intellectual ability a person has, the higher the risk of depression. Autism psychopharmacotherapy is relevant as a separate therapeutic methodology. More than 70% of people with autism have other anxiety disorders in addition to depression, which become worse over time.

Diagnosis before treating depression in autistic patients

It is difficult to diagnose the patient’s depression in laboratory conditions. This state is of an “internalising” nature. It means that the main pathological processes do not concern the physical body but the person’s inner mental world, affecting such important feelings as sadness, hopelessness, self-criticism, apathy, etc. It is particularly difficult to identify depression among autistic patients, as they have difficulties expressing their feelings in words. The situation is also complicated by the fact that depression is a periodic state. The doctor must know the patient very well in order to recognise it.

The importance of medication treatment for autism

Often, the depressive state makes the disease progression worse, intensifying its symptoms (irritability, aggression, and tendency to self-harm). Autism pharmacotherapy is required, at least in order to save the person from serious mistakes and negative actions. Prolonged depression can significantly limit the ability to overcome everyday difficulties and limit independence, social activity, and communication skills. Often, depression leads not only to aggression but also to suicidal thoughts.

Antidepressant medications to treat autism

The most popular sedatives for autism are: Amitriptyline, Azafen, Ludiamil, Pirazidol, etc. However, the mechanism of antidepressants’ impact on the brains of autistic people has not been completely examined. You should keep in mind that these medications have many serious side effects.

Perspectives on antidepressant use

Since autistic people tend to “hang” on negative and suicidal thoughts, medications are sometimes vital for them. But they will not help them overcome the disease, and they may become addictive in the future. Therefore, it is worth it to find more effective treatment methods.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a clinic where your child can receive reliable treatment with proven effectiveness.

Stem cell correction for a child’s autism!

This new technology has been recognised by scientists all over the world for its unique impact on the brain and the pathogenesis of ASD. Children’s lives are completely changed after stem cell transplantation.

Treating a child’s autism spectrum disorder with stem cells:

  • Provides new opportunities for the future
  • Activates brain functioning, making it easier to learn
  • Improves memory and attention
  • Supports the development of natural abilities and talents
  • Helps with active integration into the surrounding reality
  • Restores the correct cellular structure of the brain

Choose stem cell treatment for children with autism, and you will get a sustainable, visible, and long-lasting therapeutic effect!

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