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Zootherapy for Autism


Zootherapy for autistic children is also called “pet therapy” or “animal therapy”. This is a collective name for any methods using specific animals: hippotherapy, dolphin therapy, feline therapy, rabbit therapy, canistherapy and others. As an independent alternative method, zootherapy can be included in basic treatment protocols. The beneficial effect of animals on the human body has been known for more than 2000 years, and this method is still popular in modern medicine.

Scientists have proved that animals can treat childhood autism; they have a unique ability to restore the psycho-emotional state of a person and miraculously normalize bodily functions.

Zootherapy and psychocorrection of autism are closely related, because both offer the possibility to open the child’s inner world; help them cope with fears, worries, and isolation; expand communication abilities; and deepen their emotional and sensory sphere through communication with an animal.

Animal therapy is performed by therapists to achieve previously set specific goals. Therapy with animals can also be conducted by both volunteers and specialists. Here there are no specific goals; the main goal is to improve the child’s mental state. Children can also have training assisted by the presence of animals through various exercises. For example, if a child has dyslexia, it is possible to teach them to read with the help of such activities.

Therapeutic basis of pet therapy for autistic children

The main idea of this method is the love for the environment, animals and nature, that is inherent in a person. Even through the process of evolution, it has not lost its relevance — at any time, a person ‘s mood improves when caring for animals and admiring nature. Pet therapy for ASD helps to expand communication skills, because it is easier for autistic people to talk with animals and toys than with people. Children using therapy animals makes them calmer and encourages them to accept the outside world.

The effectiveness of this treatment method, and a highly effective alternative to the method

This method of treatment is very pleasant, so children like it. The important thing to note is that it produces results. Results will vary depending on the patient’s condition, but it is still not expected to have a pronounced effect. This is because pet therapy for autism can only alleviate some symptoms and contribute to successful implementation of other treatments. Since the method is an enhancement to other methids; it is not regarded specifically as therapeutic, because it does not restore cellular structure of the brain, unlike other groundbreaking innovations.

Cell therapy at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center is one of the best methods to gain visible results from autism treatment!

Today, correction of childhood autism is the most recommended treatment for ASD. It is available only in the best clinics in the world, and Mardaleishvili MC is on this list. Our prices for stem cell transplantation are the most reasonable. The quality of treatment for childhood autism has been assessed as effective by experts, and the level of medical services meets international standards. An additional advantage for European patients is the central coordination center, facilitating the rapid organization of treatment.

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