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Alternative Autism Treatment Methods


Autism spectrum disorder is a complex illness that affects many children around the world. As the human brain has not been sufficiently studied to fully understand autism, scientists have not discovered how to reconstruct natural “errors” in the brain’s structure.

Due to this, while their children continue to undergo clinical autism therapy sessions, parents continually seek less traditional treatments or approaches, including those practiced in other countries, to help their children overcome this disease,

There are various alternative and traditional (folk) methods of treating autism that have shown some efficacy and deserve more attention. Among them are:

  1. Reiki – A method of healing by means of energy transmitted through the healer’s hands.
  2. Yoga – Exercises designed to help find inner and outer peace, specifically designed for children with autism.
  3. Acupuncture – Pricking specific locations on certain areas of the body to stimulate the nerve endings responsible for brain activity.
  4. Acupressure – Therapeutic pressure on specific points of the child’s body to help stimulate brain activity.
  5. Paraffin therapy – Applying heat to the body to achieve calmness and balance.
  6. Ozokeritotherapy – Using ozokerite (a natural substance) for relaxation of the central nervous system.
  7. Electrosleep – Electrical stimulation of the brain during therapeutic sleep.
  8. Aromatherapy – Using aromatic oils to normalize psycho-emotional state through the sense of smell.
  9. Hippotherapy – Teaching a child self-care skills by caring for a living creature.
  10. Therapeutic massage – Massage to normalize muscle tone.
  11. Phytotherapy – Treatment with herbal medicines.
  12. Ayurveda – A combination of traditional Indian medicinal methods.

Effectiveness of non-traditional autism treatments

Each patient’s therapeutic results using these treatments will differ, depending on numerous factors: age, severity of pathology, comorbidities, and personal acceptance of certain techniques. In general, symptoms may be reduced as an effect of applying a particular technique. However, it is important to remember that the correction or improvement of symptoms is not a cure. Even classical techniques used in the field of evidence-based medicine have no significant therapeutic effect. Stem cell transplantation is the only treatment that can not only eliminate the symptoms of autism, but also restore the genetic abnormalities of the brain.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is one of the world’s leading health care institutions where you can receive effective therapy against ASD.

The treatment of a child’s autism spectrum disorder with stem cells is the most promising methodology. Its effects are similar to surgical intervention, because stem cell transplantation restores the correct structure of the brain at the cellular level. Such treatment of children’s autism is not only effective, but also safe and financially affordable when compared to the cost of other low-efficiency methods.

All your child needs to recover is correction of autism with stem cells. Make an appointment for a consultation right now!

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