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Treatment of autism with acupuncture


Acupuncture (reflexotherapy) is part of a group of procedures for treatment by stimulating anatomical points on the human body. The most popular technique is acupuncture. Today, it is used as an alternative method to treat autism. During the therapy, the specialist inserts thin needles under the skin at certain points and acts on them by touch or by electrical pulses.

Features of reflexology for the treatment of autism

To determine the treatment regimen for effective acupuncture, the doctor first examines the patient’s medical history, performs examination, palpation, and auscultation, and also pays attention to the general condition of the child’s body, skin, hair colour, and pulse. After this, the doctor determines at what depth and at what angle the needle should be placed and whether manual or electrical stimulation should be used.

Manual stimulation is often preferred for children. It is very important to make sure the child understands and is comfortable with the procedure, since many children are terrified of sharp needles. Psychologically, it can be difficult to bear and may have the opposite effect if the child’s fear is not overcome.

Generally speaking, acupuncture can still achieve visible results for autism spectrum disorder. The effectiveness is explained by the fact that this pathology can be classified as a neuroendocrine dysfunction caused by insufficient production of opioid receptors in the central nervous system.

Three main advantages of acupuncture for autism:

  1. Normalisation of the central nervous system’s functioning
  2. Neuroendocrine regulation: it improves the functioning of the thyroid gland and the process of hormone production
  3. General calming and strengthening effect

Conclusions about acupuncture treatment for autism

Reflexology has both supporters and opponents, just like other alternative methods for correcting ASD. In general, the method can be used, and it has no serious contraindications. A doctor cannot prescribe acupuncture as a treatment method. Parents can consider the recommendation and decide whether this method is suitable for their child or not.

If the decision to undergo acupuncture is made independently, you should consult with your doctor. Remember that acupuncture for autism can also have negative side effects if you choose an inexperienced specialist, because poor execution of the technique can lead to both psychological and physical problems.

The Georgian Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a clinic that offers everyone the chance to undergo a stem cell transplantation procedure for the effective treatment of ASD.

If we compare the correction of childhood autism using this method, it will:

  • Restore the anatomical correctness of the brain structure
  • Positively affect the effectiveness of developmental therapy
  • Reduce the intensity of the disease as much as possible

Such treatment for childhood autism is preferred today and recommended by experienced specialists. Parents of young patients claim that the health of their children has improved as much as possible, and scientists note that the achieved therapeutic effect lasts for quite a long period, especially if it is strengthened with simple developmental activities.

Choose stem cell treatment for childhood autism spectrum disorder — this is your chance to help your child overcome the disease.

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