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ABA therapy as a supplement to innovative and effective stem cell treatment of autism


Applied behavioural analysis, or ‘ABA therapy’, is a branch of scientific and practical medicine that studies the behaviour of autistic children. This approach is based on the study of the child’s environment, which affects their life, well-being and perception of the world.

ABA therapy for autism helps to improve a child’s life in the following ways:

  • Forming necessary skills that will help to replace undesirable behaviours with more appropriate ones. For example, instead of expressing needs by shouting or other unacceptable ways, a child will learn to ask for what he/she wants.
  • Helping to develop useful communication, social and academic skills at appropriate levels, including numeracy, reading and writing.
  • Developing self-care skills. ABA stimulates everyday learning, and an autistic child can learn how to be tidy, clean one’s room, take a shower, use the toilet, find own tableware, and other skills.

Forms of ABA used in autistic training

Teaching skills in separate blocks. A certain skill is broken down into several steps for its assimilation through frequent repetition.

Chaining — step-by-step training. This is the second-most popular training method in autistic applied behaviour analysis. Here, a complex task is learned through successive assimilation of smaller actions.

Pedagogy of the natural environment. In this method, a child studies at home with their parents according to a defined plan and tasks set by the specialist.

Mixed blocks are also used in autism therapy and ABA therapy. This method alternates tearching new information and repetition of the studied material, and is considered to be effective.

Barrier area — overcoming obstacles made of paths, mats, and chairs with the fulfilment of certain tasks.

Children prefer games as a therapeutic method, where a familiar plot is worked out in a playful way with a parent or a specialist. This helps to activate various skills.

At the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, the results of ABA therapy are enhanced by advanced stem cell transplantation.

Modern treatment of children’s autism in Georgia using biological methods

Today, autism therapy is a complex combination of various programs, procedures, activities and methods. Scientists and doctors are trying to find the root cause of autism, but even with the help of non-invasive methods such as ABA therapy, it is still not yet known. Experts can only partially explain the symptoms and deviations in a child’s behaviour.

Such methods have little impact on the structure of genetic abnormalities in the autistic brain, however. Advanced stem cell treatment of autism spectrum disorder in children is a few steps ahead of more traditional methods, and may largely restore the natural structure of the cerebellum, limbic system and cerebral cortex, of which abnormalities are the cause of autism.

Get a consultation on the correction of childhood autism in Georgia — use the modern potential of medical science to give your child an advantage!


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