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20 common programs used in Europe and America against autism


Programs to help children with ASD are numerous and have different goals. In classical evidence-based medicine, there are about 20 very effective programs against autism, popular in all countries of the world. Let’s review them to keep abreast of the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies.

Basic autism correction techniques

  1. Antecedent control – interventions and corrective factors that precede a particular behavior
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy – a comprehensive training program for autists
  3. Differential reward – a behavioral approach based on rewarding desirable behaviors
  4. Unit training – a pedagogical technique that facilitates the perception of information
  5. Social skills training – developing communication skills and skills to interact with the outside world
  6. Extinction technique – gradual minimization of undesirable behaviors by leveling them out.
  7. Functional behavior analysis – a technique for developing an individual parenting and teaching strategy
  8. Play-based learning methodology – learning essential life skills
  9. Functional communication training – classes aimed at deepening communication skills and socialization
  10. Modeling – a modern program of video, audio, and visual image creation to develop various skills
  11. In vivo training – home-based training
  12. Peer interventions – care and education in kindergarten or at school
  13. Developmental ABA therapy
  14. Communication through image exchange – restoring speech and learning to communicate with visual images accessible to the child
  15. Training of basic reactions – attention, memory, cognitive, speech functions, etc.
  16. Redirection – a method of replacing socially unacceptable behaviors or reactions with appropriate forms
  17. Teaching scenarios
  18. Program for the patient to learn self-management of their behavior
  19. Interventions and instructions with the help of modern computer technology
  20. Stem cell therapy for a child’s autism – This is the most advanced and effective methodology among the various treatment programs for autism. Its results have not been surpassed by any other.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is one of the best clinics to undergo the stem cell transplantation procedure.

The treatment of a child’s autism spectrum disorder is financially affordable here. The quality of medical services is fully compliant with international standards. Moreover, the clinic has a special department to help patients with organizational issues that can be contacted for advice, visa support, accommodation, transfers, etc. Here, any patient will receive professional medical assistance, support, and attention.

The best programs for treating autism and their effectiveness

It is impossible to consider any program the best, as all children are different and their bodies react differently to therapy. But parents should know that all programs for children with ASD are focused on education, upbringing, and the correction of symptoms. There is no single technique that can change genetic abnormalities in the brain yet, except for one: stem cell transplantation.

Undergo stem cell treatment for a child’s autism, strengthen the effect with home workouts, and you will achieve the desired results!

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