Teymuraz Kemoklidze

Surgeon, Oncologist, Transplantologist

Work Experience:

– 2014-present – Mardaleishvili Medical Center – Surgeon

– 2014-2015 – Medical Center “Lancet” – Transplantologist

– 2013-2015 – Gudushauri National Medical Center – Surgeon

– 2013 – Başkent University, Ankara – Fellowship in liver transplantation

– 2012-2013 – Medical Center “Medula” – Surgeon

-1995-2012 – Gvamichava National Oncology Center, Abdominal Department – Training course in liver transplantation: 2010 Essen, 2011 Istanbul, Turkey

– 2008 – Başkent University, Ankara – Fellowship in liver transplantation

– 1991-1995 – Tbilisi #1 Clinical Hospital, #2 Surgery Department – Surgery


– 2013 – Liver Transplantation in Turkey – International Congress Devoted to Prof. Thomas Starzl, Ankara. Certificate of participation

– 2011 – 21st World Congress of the International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO) (Tokyo) and certificates of participation in trainings (2010 -Essen, Germany, 2011 Istanbul, Turkey)

– 2010 Translation license for the monograph of Dr. Moshe Schein: Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery

– 2010 IASGO member diploma

– 2008 fellowship certificate in liver transplantation

– 2007 International Congress of Surgeons, participant, Antalya, Turkey

– 2006 Member of International College of Surgeons

– 2003 Diploma of Candidate of Medical Sciences, Tbilisi

– 1997 Surgeon-Oncologist Diploma, Tbilisi

– 1991 Tbilisi Tbilisi State Medical University Diploma (with honors), Tbilisi

Works and publications

– Liver Transplantation – reality for Georgia, paper, Medea 2014, Tbilisi
– Translator, editor, of the third edition (2010) of “Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery” by Moshe Schein, 1914, Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Publishing House
– “Oncology”, editors – R.Gvamichava and M.Shavdia, Tbilisi, 2010, coauthor:
– Main Principles in Surgery Treatment of Retroperitoneal Tumors, Address, IASGO Tokyo, Japan 2010
– Is there a successful case of non-surgical treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma? Coauthor G. Menteshashvili. ISGO papers, Beijing, 2009.Determinants of recurrence of primary retroperitoneal tumors, Conference papers(International Congress of Surgeons, Antalya, Turkey, 2007)
– Main aspects of surgery treatment of primary tumors, dissertation, Tbilisi State Medical University, 2003
– Distant results of surgery treatment of primary retroperitoneal tumors, Tbilisi State Medical University scientific papers, Vol. XXXVIII, 154-158, Tbilisi 2002
– The role of computer and magnet resonance tomography in diagnosing small pelvis retroperitoneal tumors, Journal of radiology #4, Tbilisi, coauthors: G.Menteshashvili, D.Chanturia – 2002
– Ways of improving operability and resectability of primary retroperitoneal tumors, Georgian Journal of Oncology #2, Tbilisi, coauthors: A.Tsalugelashvili, G.Menteshashvili – 2001
– Ways of improving surgery treatment of small pelvis retroperitoneal tumors, Congress of South Caucasia, Tbilisi – 1998


Operations in abdominal surgery and transplantology, local manager of oncology residency course at Tbilisi State Medical University, Teacher of surgery course at Medical Institute “Aiety” and Tbilisi State Medical University.