Exceptional Service, Exceptional Care

Hosting you with us

Our employees meet the patient and his parents at the airport with a private car, helps them to stay in a hotel or apartment & provide information about the nearest shops and recreation areas. Each child and his parents are accompanied by an employee who speaks their native language. Even before coming to the hospital, children receive PECS cards to facilitate their adaptation to the new environment.

During the procedure

As the patients of our department are special children, everything is carried out by specially trained personnel.  Starting with the reception of the patient, through the procedures and the hospitalization. All medical procedures are safe for the child. Only advanced technologies and modern equipment are used. All patients of our department are provided with separate wards after the procedure.

Our values
  • Professionalism and high qualification of specialists
  • Respect for our patients and their families
  • Always act openly and for the benefit of the patient
  • Constantly meet our patients’ expectations
  • Be the best and strive for excellence in all areas