Delayed psycho-speech development and its treatment with autologous stem cells


Delayed psycho-speech development is not a separate pathology, but a syndrome denoting various CNS or brain developmental deviations that may occur due to many undesirable factors. These include severe diseases of the pregnant woman, genetic abnormalities, and infectious, autoimmune or viral diseases suffered in the first years of life.

Delayed psycho-speech development therapy with stem cells

The classical protocol of syndrome treatment can include an extensive complex of techniques: work with a speech therapist, psychiatrist, defectologist; reflexology, microcurrent therapy, pharmacological therapy; interaction with dolphins, etc. However, these techniques have a superficial effect on the brain. For deep stimulation, another approach is needed: treatment with stem cells.

The results of cell therapy:

  • Improvement of various brain functions;
  • Development of socially active skills;
  • Stabilization of the mental state;
  • Activation of the speech centers functionality.

Features of cell therapy

The treatment is suitable for almost everyone and is well tolerated by young patients because the autoimmune material is not perceived as foreign. The treatment uses autoimmune stem cells taken from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood. Biomaterial from sibling donors is allowed if more than 50% compatible. Comprehensive treatment with cell therapy using other techniques will provide clear results in the near future.