Alalia and its treatment with autologous stem cells


What is alalia

Alalia is a generalized name for some groups of speech disorders. A child with this diagnosis has normally developed intelligence and hearing but cannot form speech independently (or it is difficult and unintelligible).

Causes of Alalia

The occurrence of alalia is caused by various factors, including:

– Damage to the speech center during prenatal development;

– Serious infections that the future mother suffered during pregnancy;

– Pulmonary and cardiac insufficiency;

– Hypotension or hypertension of the pregnant woman;

– Severe childbirth accompanied by complications;

– Prematurity, fetal hypoxia, and asphyxia;

– Complex illnesses that occurred during the first years of life: encephalitis, meningitis, rickets, CNS exhaustion, etc.

Alalia treatment with stem cells

Most of these causes lead to changes in brain structures. Conservative therapy does not always lead to successful results, but this does not mean that it should be abandoned. The entire course of treatment should be comprehensive, and may include taking medications, working with a defectologist and a speech therapist, physiotherapy, laser therapy, and, of course, cell therapy.

The treatment of alalia with stem cells is a reliable modern method, which is successfully used in our center. The therapeutic protocol involves the use of the patient’s own stem cells (from umbilical cord blood or bone marrow), as well as cells from the cord blood of siblings, provided that the blood parameters of the recipient and donor match by at least 50%.

Stem cells repair damaged neural cells in the brain. As a result of the therapy, the child’s verbal skills improve, the vocabulary increases, movement coordination and fine motor skills of the hands return to normal, and attention improves.