Correction of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with own stem cells


It is very difficult for children with this syndrome to concentrate on something specific, or to remember new information. They are very active, impulsive, often irritable, and disorganized. It is important to start their treatment immediately in order to prevent the progression of the pathology and to avoid problems at an early school age.

Treatment of ADHD

A standard protocol may include the following techniques:

  • Behavioral correction by parents;
  • Work with a psychologist and speech therapist;
  • Physical correction and rehabilitation;
  • Art therapy;
  • Sensory integration;
  • Neurocorrection;
  • Inclusive Therapy;
  • Cognitive abilities training;
  • Pharmacological therapy.

ADHD cell therapy

The essence of this relatively new and effective technique is that patients are administered their own stem cells. They independently identify abnormal areas in the brain and facilitate their repair, i.e., they replace damaged cells with healthy ones. This allows the achievement of more thorough and long-term results. It should be noted that pharmacological treatment, as the main method of treatment, has a very short-term effect.

The patient’s own bone marrow or umbilical cord blood can be used to extract stem cells. Siblings’ umbilical cord blood can also be used if there is more than 50% biological compatibility.

After this therapy, most patients show improvement in cognitive abilities and normalized behavior. Positive changes also occur in psychomotor activity: attention becomes concentrated, the frequency of aggression decreases, memory improves and consequently, children achieve success in the educational process. The school-aged child is able to set goals, schedule his/her day, and become socially active.

Today, many parents prefer cell therapy. However, conservative therapy should not be abandoned, as combining all these methods achieves optimum results. Behavioral correction by parents under the keen guidance of a psychologist will help the child to cope with such negative manifestations of character as aggressiveness or unsociability, hyperactivity or impulsiveness, inadequate reactions, disorganization, lack of concentration, inattentiveness, etc.