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Why Does My Autistic Child Attack Me?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to understand that autism is a feature of the child’s development, and each individual is uniquely symptomatic. Some children are withdrawn, while others can be aggressive. It is impossible to get some of them talking and eliminate their phobia of social interaction, while others have an intense interest in people around them and can be quite intrusive.

Hyperactivity is often expressed in undesirable forms of behaviour: physical and verbal attacks, disputes, and creating conflict. These children protest against any requests and refuse to behave appropriately. It is not uncommon for an autistic person to be physically aggressive towards their mother, brothers, and sisters. This is extremely unpleasant and creates an unsafe atmosphere within the family environment.

Five tips on how to calm down an aggressive autistic child

  • Use signs and gestures instead of words and prohibitions. This will redirect the child’s behaviour.
  • Obstruct aggressive behaviour by avoiding interaction. Silently stand in front of them but do not look directly into the child’s eyes. Put a pouffe or pillow in their path — let that become the target of their aggression
  • Pay attention to the victim while ignoring the aggressor. Do this if the autistic child shows aggression towards another person. It will calm and disorient them.
  • Ensure safety. For educational purposes, you can ignore unwanted forms of behaviour, but make sure the child does not harm himself or others
  • Keep calm. Even facial expressions should be neutral, as even the slightest disapproving look can reinforce aggression.

Five absolutely forbidden actions:

  • Do not shout, do not argue, and do not speak to the child during an outbreak of aggression — an explanatory conversation can take place when they are calm and able to understand you
  • Do not make eye contact — it provokes and creates conflict
  • Do not touch the child unless absolutely necessary — this will make the situation worse, as fights can begin with the slightest tactile contact
  • Instead of condemning unwanted behaviour, focus on desirable and socially acceptable forms of it.
  • Do not be angry, do not punish a child by ignoring them, but show patience and understanding.

Remember that aggression is not the fault of an autistic child but a feature of mental development. It is a key reason to consult with a psychotherapist and try innovative ways to correct autism spectrum disorder.

Contact the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre to arrange a stem cell transplant procedure that will make your child free from aggression.

Cellular correction of autism in childhood is a method that not only eliminates aggression and irritability but also treats ASD.

This treatment of autism has been used for a long time and has a solid scientific basis and thousands of positive patient reviews. Aggression is just one manifestation of the disease which will go away, like other symptoms, after the brain is restored by stem cells.

Cellular treatment for autism spectrum disorder of a child is the best way to eliminate aggression.

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