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Is it possible to treat autism? New and effective methods

In traditional medicine, autism is considered to be an incurable illness. In reality, that is true, but only for today. Many advanced therapies are so effective in treating autism that the person has virtually no experience of it in everyday life, is socially active and does not differ from others in his/her behaviour.

Modern approach to the children treatment for autism spectrum disorder

Doctors now have a wide range of therapeutic methods that can effectively treat ASD. Among them are:

  • ABA therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Occlusion therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social skills training programme
  • Behavioural therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Visual therapy
  • Developmental therapy

All of these methods affect the brain in different ways: through fingertip nerve endings, through tactile sensations, through stimulation of visual and auditory perception and through social interaction with the environment. The aim of each method is to develop the brain, form new neural connections in the brain and teach social skills.

This goal is achieved to a certain extent, depending on the child’s development, age and level of severity. If any of the methods have proved ineffective, then it is worth trying others, as there is no single effective protocol against autism – each person needs a personalized treatment protocol.

Physiotherapy is also important. Muscle and skeletal development not only strengthens physical strength and immunity but also builds the child’s confidence and body control skills, which are very important for children with autism.

The main positive effects of developmental therapy:

  • Stimulation of brain activity
  • Formation of socially acceptable behavioural norms
  • Life skills necessary for independent living and self-care
  • Preparation for the normal reception of the basic school curriculum
  • General strengthening of the body
  • Development of the emotional and sensory sphere
  • Improvement of social skills
  • Taking an interest in the wider world
  • Enhancement of language skills
  • The normalisation of the CNS and the autonomic nervous system
  • Expansion of the sphere of personal interests

However, every parent should realise that developmental therapy will have various results. And it should be done regularly, actively and constantly with the child at home. This is the only way to achieve more or less the desired effect.

Among the most effective methods is cell therapy, which is the best answer to the question “Is it possible to treat autism?”

It is a revolutionary new treatment method that affects the brain directly and achieves a sustained, expressed and lasting therapeutic effect.

It is possible to treat autism – register for a stem cell treatment

Briefly about cell therapy:

Action. Stem cells are the basic building block of the body. When they are inside the body, the cells selectively identify the parts of the brain that are affected by autism. The “smart” cells detect and replace them. They contain remarkable recreational possibilities that are still poorly understood, but are already widely used in leading clinics around the world.

Result. None of the conservative therapies used to treat ASD has the lasting and visible effect that cell therapy has. The patient is completely changed: his behaviour becomes calm, aggression disappears, interest in the world around him appears, and speech and intelligence improve.

What is needed for the treatment? Stem cells, which are synthesised from the patient’s umbilical cord blood or autologous bone marrow. If they are not available, siblings’ cord blood can be used if the children are more than 50% genetically compatible with each other, which is determined by genetic diagnosis.

Is it possible to treat autism? In the near future, most likely, and cell therapy will help.

Believe that autism can be treated, and build this thought into your child’s mind. Your confidence will certainly turn into reality, as thoughts are material. It will become a creative energy that gives an impulse to the brain to start the body’s recovery process. In medicine, there are many factual instances of rapid and complete recovery if the patient is determined to get well. And this is the perfect addition to cell therapy.

Stop asking yourself whether it is possible to treat autism – just contact Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, and you will find the answer and restore your child’s health.

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