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New methods for autism treatment

ASD is a disease that is currently not completely curable. However, scientists are constantly working to improve methods for autism treatment and develop new ones. Therefore, patients with ASD have a better chance of being healthy and enjoying a full life in comparison to patients from previous generations.

ASD is treated with conservative methods designed to correct behavior, speech function and brain activity. Because they only address the symptoms and not the disease’s cause, patients have to undergo treatment again and again.

The brain is such an unexplored organ that no surgeon in the world is yet able to perform surgical interventions to correct autism. However, the areas in which this pathology develops are known, and doctors have all the necessary tools to accurately diagnose and identify the disease’s features. Patients can only hope that one of the traditional methods will work or look for experimental treatments. By the way, many innovative technologies have already become part of traditional treatment protocols.

New methods for autism treatment in classical medicine include:

  1. Applied behaviour analysis
  2. Occupational therapy
  3. Behavioural and play therapy
  4. Visual and developmental therapy
  5. Biomedical treatment methods

Most of these methods are developmental. An autistic person’s brain can only be affected indirectly, i.e., by a special training program. The various methods are different approaches to interact with the brain. For example, speech can be developed through stimulation of the finger nerve endings. Neuronal connections are formed by learning new information and music, and behavioural correction contributes to the patient’s socialization.

The overall therapeutic effect of new developmental methods:

  • Improved behaviour in the community
  • Reduction of aggression, apathy and depression
  • Partial reduction of some speech dysfunctions
  • Development of essential self-care skills
  • Stimulation of brain activity
  • Improvement of body coordination
  • Training of endurance and muscular strength

However, these autism treatment methods are not entirely successful, as they cannot directly affect the brain structure. Recently, biomedical methods are increasingly being used. They can achieve more or less visible results.

Cell therapy – a revolutionary new method for autism treatment

Stem cells have been known to humanity for a long time, but the world’s leading clinics have started using them for treatment relatively recently. But the results, achieved by the doctors, have impressed the whole world.

Today, cell therapy occupies an important place among the methods of autism treatment and will become mainstream in the future. Of course, it does not replace the standard treatment protocols used elsewhere. But it increases the impact of the procedures and treatments by several times.

Cell therapy – an approximate alternative to surgical correction

Success is simple – the stem cells transform into and replace the brain elements damaged by the disease, restoring brain structure and thereby eradicating the genetic errors that are the cause of the disease and the symptomatic pathogenesis pattern.

Like a surgeon’s scalpel, they penetrate the brain, identify its damaged areas and focus their repair potential on eliminating the abnormalities. For example, if an abnormal area in the cerebellum is detected, the stem cells remove the damaged cells and replace them with similar healthy ones.

There is no similar method currently available and no technology is capable to directly affect the human brain affected by an autism spectrum disorder. This is why stem cell transplantation is recommended by experienced doctors. It is only available at some clinics around the world, and the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia is one of them.

The benefits of choosing Georgia to undergo stem cell transplantation:

  • Experienced doctors
  • Reasonable prices
  • Cryobank
  • Wide range of organisational services

To receive this treatment, the potential patient should contact the doctors at our clinic. They will explain the therapy options and the future therapeutic outcome that can be achieved.

Register for a new method of autism treatment at Mardaleishvili Medical Centre – multiply the treatment effect with classic protocols.

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