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My Son Has Autism

There is nothing harder than realizing that your child is sick with an incurable pathology. Parents have to live with it. And they need to accept this, change their lives according to their son’s need, teach all family members and close friends how to do the same. Unfortunately, it is very difficult and not possible for everyone, especially when you really want to have a healthy child who is “like everyone else.” It is no surprise that parents are constantly in search of effective methods of treatment for their son.

It is never superfluous to analyze the effectiveness of traditional ASD correction methods and to get acquainted with new possibilities of medicine

Autism spectrum disorder manifests itself in the disorientation of a child in society and dysfunctions of the speech apparatus and cognitive abilities. It is hard for any parent to realize that their child has autism, as this pathology is difficult to treat, and the methods used in traditional autism treatment protocols only have short-term effects.

Classical methods of treating ASD in evidence-based medicine include:

  • ABA therapy
  • Developing methods
  • Psychotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Diet therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga therapy and many others

All of these are designed to correct every symptom of the disease — isolation, limited interests, antisocial forms of behavior, poor intellectual and communication skills, etc. In most cases, it is possible to achieve good results with their help.

However, these forms of therapy are quite long and complicated. Children have to do developmental practices intensely and regularly. Sometimes, it can be tiring, so patients often lose interest and don’t want to be engaged in such activities, which have a counterproductive effect on the expected result.

It is hard to be parents of a child who is not interested in many things, is constantly closed off, sometimes shows aggression, and often feels depressed. How do help a child if all methods of traditional medicine have had little effect?

Stem cell correction of autism is an innovative method — one of the best in modern medicine

It is used at clinics in developed countries and is gradually becoming more popular in countries with a less progressive healthcare system. Doing stem cell therapy for many years has given us a chance to collect enough statistical data that is sufficient to be sure of its high effectiveness in correcting of ASD, if the patient is a boy. This is very important, as boys and girls need different therapeutic approach, as they perceive the surrounding reality in different ways and also receive and process new information according to their mental characteristics.

Features of boys’ ASD treatment

The principle of the method

Cell therapy replaces “sick” brain cells with “healthy” ones. The latter type of cell is stem cells, which are the basic building blocks of every organ in the human body. After injection into the body, stem cells detect genetic errors in the brain structure and turn into building elements that are able to restore the structure and functionality of brain elements damaged by disease. By realizing that your son has autism and signing up for cell therapy, you will take a really important step toward restoring his health.

Therapeutic effects that are achievable with ASD correction for a boy include:

  • Improvement of speech and brain activity
  • Normalization of behavior during communication with acquaintances and strangers, such as reduction of quantity and intensity of aggressive outbursts
  • Revival of interest in the world and people

Necessary conditions

Stem cell treatment is impossible without them, so patient needs to have a source of such cells. Their main sources are bone marrow and umbilical cord blood. The latter is the preferred source. The patient’s umbilical cord blood or the blood of a full brother/sister may be used, or in the absence of this biomaterial, cells can be removed from the bone marrow. Cellular therapy is reliable and effective as well as safe, so you has every chance to forget the painful thought that your son has autism and significantly improve health of a child.

Get autism treatment at Mardaleishvili Medical Centre — use the opportunity to restore health of your son, who will no longer be different from children around him.


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