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My daughter has autism. Modern possibilities of ASD correction — about the only method that effectively suppresses pathogenesis of the disease

It is incredibly difficult to accept that your daughter has autism spectrum disorder, as there has always been a special stereotypical attitude to girls. However, this absolutely does not mean that such diagnosis is only correct for boys. According to statistics, females are four times less likely to suffer from autism than males. It is very interesting that girls are more inquisitive, they perceive the world around them differently than boys, and their brain processes new information in another way.

ASD treatment for girls is more successful than for boys. If your daughter has autism spectrum disorder, you can choose one really helpful method from a wide range of effective ways to correct ASD.

Up till today, many parents of girls almost always think that diagnosis of autism is like a death sentence because this disease is an incurable pathology. However, it is not a reason to give up if you repeat to yourself for the thousandth time: “My daughter has autism.” Modern medicine doesn’t stand still, and autistic children today have a chance to undergo cell therapy, which will radically change your view of the pathology and your child’s future life.

Modern methods of ASD symptoms correction in the average clinic

We will not mention such popular methods as ABA therapy, occupational, physical therapies, and psychological correction. It makes sense to pay attention to methods of treatment that are most effective for girls, such as:

  • Art therapy
  • Selfie video modeling
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sensory integration
  • Music therapy

There are creative and very interesting techniques for female patients. Such methods help can instill a love for art, develop talents laid down by nature, expand their range of hobbies, address their insecurity and insularity, and improve their communication skills. These techniques have demonstrated high effectiveness precisely in correction of the symptoms. It has been proved that after complex treatment, many female patients behave and perceive the surrounding reality almost as well as girls who develop normally.

But today, the pathogenesis can be strongly impacted with a recreational effect.

Autism is a disease that is being successfully treated now with cell therapy

Previously, AIDS was a social disaster, but today, we have effective drugs for it that allow living without fear of condemnation by society and of sudden death. The same can be said about treatment of autism. Leading clinics of the world perform genetic correction of ASD with stem cells, which has a positive effect on the health of female patients that is impossible by using common therapeutic protocols.

The results of autism correction with this new technique include:

  • Normalization of social behavior
  • Improvement of speaking skills
  • Strengthening of memory and immunity
  • Activation of mental abilities and memorization
  • Minimizing aggressive behavior
  • Deepening interest in the world and people

These results of ASD treatment of girls are statistically confirmed and give you real chances to forget about the terrible thought that “my daughter has autism” and to provide her with sufficient opportunities for self-realization in her future life.

Necessary conditions for correcting a girl’s ASD

In fact, the main thing is the availability of stem cells. Umbilical cord blood, which is collected at the time of your daughter’s birth and stored in a cryobank, fits perfectly. The second source of stem cells is the patient’s own bone marrow if she hasn’t been diagnosed with other severe or incurable diseases. As a last resort, cord blood of girl’s brother or sister can be used if they are more than 50 percent genetically compatible.

The procedure of cell therapy, performed at inpatient hospital, is preceded by a thorough diagnostic examination. All necessary preparatory procedures, as well as injection of ready stem cells, can be performed in our clinic.

Sign up for autism correction at Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, and understand that your daughter having autism will no longer seem like a hopeless situation.

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