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My autistic son hates me: Confessions of a desperate mother and secrets how find an approach to him

“My son is my pain. We have very complicated relationships. I think he hates me. I do not know how to understand him. He is closed and absolutely not contact. Conversations do not help, and my attempts to hug or kiss him always lead to aggression from him. What should I do?”

Thousands of mothers turn to therapists with similar confessions. But today, families of autistic children can get help in coping with a negative attitude, with the many problems that bother them, because autism really is treatable.

The reasons for hate in case of autism are different perceptions of the surrounding reality and low levels of empathy and need for family ties. These traits of the disease can be successfully corrected today, and classical medicine has several proven methods!

Hate and aggression in a case of autism are a natural reaction of the child to actions of relatives that are incomprehensible to him. Phobia of physical contact, unwillingness to communicate, and absolute introversion are manifestations of autism spectrum disorder. A comprehensive therapy will help a child to open his eyes to the diversity of the world, develop empathy, sensuous sphere, and establish relationships with close relatives and friends.

11 ways to make life with autism enjoyable, adequate and promising:

  1. Cinema therapy — viewing of special films that calm a child and develop a sense of empathy.
  2. Art therapy — joint creative activity that brings you together and develops self-expression skills.
  3. Psychological assistance to children with ASD — specialized sessions to solve a problem of child’s peculiar perception of his family members.
  4. Pet therapy — another opportunity to develop an emotional connection with your child while enjoying play with dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, etc.
  5. Fairytale therapy — reading and listening to emotionally rich fairy tales that positively form a model of acceptable family relations.
  6. Massage — a calming effect on the nervous system and the relaxation of muscles.
  7. Ayurvedic therapy — the use of alternative medicines that normalize the functions of the central nervous system.
  8. Developmental therapy at home — exciting activities with family members that are interesting to your child.
  9. Game therapy — the use of teams and uniting family play entertainment.
  10. Heat therapy — deep relaxation and calming the nervous system with the help of heat-intensive materials together with close family members.
  11. Biological correction — treatment with the patient’s own stem cells.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre offers one of the best ways to suppress the symptoms of ASD with cell therapy. But the most important thing is that it really treats the disease!

Stem cell transplantation procedure is an effective, innovative correction of autism in childhood

Many people dream of going through it. And thousands of patients personally felt amazing effect of the technique. The most important thing it needs is strong basic building blocks, which are present in every child’s bone marrow or umbilical cord blood. You can undergo such affordable treatment for autism spectrum disorder in a childhood in Georgia — at Mardaleishvili MC.

You will easily find a way with your child and help him settle in life — just get stem cell treatment for autism in childhood!

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