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My Autistic Child Ignores Me

What do we know about children with ASD? A lot, but even this knowledge is insufficient to understand them. In the modern era, where normally developing children are active, inform the world about their thoughts, and boldly demonstrate their successes, children with autism look like “outsiders” in comparison.

If a child with ASD does not respond to requests, does not want to interact with an adult, and is largely inert, it does not mean that he is ignoring you. Autism is a pathology, and patients do not know how to respond to certain proposals and requests.

When parents respond with irritation and intolerance, aggression may develop simply because the child with autism has not been taught how to react appropriately. Only a few autistic people have the first, most severe degree of ASD and are completely internally isolated. All other cases can be improved with the right treatment.

How to teach an autistic child to communicate and adequately respond to requests. These tips will help you:

  1. Visit special educational and teaching institutions for autistic children — kindergartens and schools are not yet ready for constructive dialogue with children with ASD.
  2. Regularly visit a psychotherapist and other specialists as pedagogical techniques used at home cannot eliminate serious neurological disorders.
  3. However, this is no reason to neglect home developmental education — do exercises regularly because only a comprehensive system of therapeutic techniques will be effective.
  4. Constantly expand the circle of interests — among the many exciting and creative activities available, your child will certainly find their own. A new hobby can be a powerful stimulus to communication.
  5. Don’t believe in the stereotype that autistic people don’t want to communicate with the world. They want to interact but just don’t know how to do it. Your job is to teach them.
  6. Communicate more often with families of special children — go to the cinema, visit children’s entertainment facilities, go outdoors. Children can overcome the fear of communication and gain confidence more easily when they do it together.
  7. Do not rely on alternative medicine — dietary supplements, herbs, and aromatic oils will not help and may even be harmful.
  8. Explore new treatments for ASD. Participate in scientifically accredited experimental programs, try new methods. It is highly likely that modern medicine will benefit your child’s well-being and behaviour.

What can be done to improve the effectiveness of traditional therapy?

It is hard to dispute that classical protocols for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder are ineffective, even in the long term. Children need to visit psychologists and speech therapists numerous times. There is a high probability that specialized educational institutions for children with ASD can completely replace education in a regular school. However, parents want that their autistic child to be ‘like everyone else’!

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia offers effective treatment of ASD with cell therapy and invites your child to experience it. This method of correcting childhood autism is recommended by specialists because it renews the cellular structure of the brain, correcting genetic abnormalities. This not only treats the symptoms of  ASD, but also eliminates its basic cause.

Get stem cell treatment for autism — children will become more communicative and outgoing!

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