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My autistic child does not speak


Speech development of an autistic child is one of the most popular therapeutic areas, as speech disorders are diagnosed in almost every child with ASD, as well as behavioural and social peculiarities of communication with the outside world. The process of speech skills development is complex and requires a lot of time and effort.

Why do children with autism not speak?

Dysfunctions of the speech apparatus of autistic children reveal themselves in different forms and severity. Their cause lies in the individual pathogenesis of the disease and modifications of the brain. Almost all children have problems not only with speech but also with emotional communication — the ability to establish contact.

Therefore, it is much more difficult task to teach speaking an autistic child than a normally developing student, but you will definitely succeed by creating favourable conditions.

Remember that an autistic child should always have a positive emotional attitude and trusting contact with an adult, and various skills can only be successfully formed in an exciting learning atmosphere.

How can you initiate speech in an autistic child? Play games!

There are a lot of them on the internet, and you can try various complexes for the development of all sensory organs, choosing the most suitable for a particular child. For example, use an exercise when a teacher or parent shows a certain gesture and a student repeats it to learn sign language and form non-verbal communication.

Interaction with a mirror with fogging from breathing is suitable for the development of speech breathing. You can add variety — draw patterns with a finger and breathe on a mirror again. It is also necessary to do articulation exercises.

For the development of sensory organs, you can give a child different objects that have surfaces of different textures. Use musical instruments for hearing development. Knock on a pan with a spoon for versatility of exercises. Discuss what you heard and the impressions, stimulating students to express thoughts in the way they can, using speech apparatus. And, of course, a professional speech therapist can contribute a lot to the development of speaking in addition to homework.

American speech therapists recommend that parents:

  • Play — only in this form of learning can children learn complex concepts,
  • Speak to children in a language they understand.
  • Use visual didactic material.
  • Despite the need for constant communication, do not trespass on their privacy.
  • Leave a pause between lessons, which is optimal for a child.
  • Ask questions to make sure a child understood you correctly.
  • Speak slowly, simply, but a lot and regularly.

If an autistic child does not speak even after a series of speech therapy sessions, cell therapy at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center will certainly help.

It is a modern and progressive method of treating autism in childhood with the use of stem cells. Everyone who knows about it definitely wants to undergo a stem transplant procedure, and numerous positive reviews additionally testify in favour of this therapy. All over the world, prominent doctors are convinced that such way of treatment of autism spectrum disorder in childhood can become the main one in the future.

Your child is not the only one who can benefit from stem cell correction of autism. Get a free consultation, and learn about a personal recovery plan!

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