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My autistic child does not listen


There is a difference between pathologies of the hearing organs and inattention — the unwillingness of an autistic child to hear what others say to him. If the otolaryngologist has confirmed the absence of hearing problems, but the patient continues to behave like he does not hear anything, does not pay attention to the speaker, and completely ignores the sounds of the world around him, it is worth looking for another cause.

Reasons why an autistic child does not listen:

  • He is annoyed by any noises that trigger a protective reaction of the body, causing detachment from anything that happens around him.
  • He does not understand the meaning of words. It’s like listening to a song in a foreign language without understanding its meaning — it becomes nothing more than background noise.
  • He fears communication and deliberately refuses to hear speech in order not to respond.
  • He has severe neurological disorders that may lead to an inability to recognize speech.

What does classical ASD therapy offer in case of hearing problems?

If an autistic child does not understand speech and the meaning of the words, consultation with a neurologist, psychiatrist, speech therapist, and some other specialists is necessary. However, it is needed in most cases in order to unmistakably determine the cause of this dysfunction. During quite long period of selection and undergoing of treatment, it is recommended to use alternative methods of communication — sign language or cards.

If a child with autism does not hear due to phobias, has no organic hearing problems, and understands the meaning of words, it is worth trying to figure out these fears. Parents are sensitive to their child, which makes it possible to identify and eliminate problems. The same method is applicable if an autistic child is just inattentive.

Effectiveness of traditional treatment for autism spectrum disorder in childhood

Most parents and specialists note that classical methods are not very effective, as children still remain inattentive and hardly exert themselves while listening to a conversation partner. This is a natural consequence of genetic changes in the cellular structure of the brain, which are very difficult to correct with the help of conservative psychological and pedagogical methods. It is necessary to use a special approach that can make the needed corrections in the cellular structure of the brain. And recently this method has begun to be applied in medicine.

Stem cell transplantation at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center is a chance to become healthy and attentive for most autistic children.

This innovative method has already helped thousands of autistic children to overcome the disease as much as possible and get a chance to develop like their healthy peers. Cellular correction of autism in childhood is a safe and effective procedure because:

  • It restores naturally correct structure of brain cells.
  • Stem cells, like a surgeon’s scalpel, remove pathological cells, thereby eliminating the root cause of the disease and its symptoms to a greater extent.
  • It uses a patient’s own biomaterial, which is not rejected by the immune system.
  • All surgical procedures are performed under CT guidance, and the risk of spinal cord injury is excluded.

This information is obtained from an interview with a surgeon working at the Mardaleishvili MC and is confirmed by numerous comments of patients from different European countries.

Book a convenient consultation time to learn more about the transplant procedure and to make the right decision about the treatment for autism of children who do not hear.

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