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My Autistic Child Destroys the House

We used to think of children with ASD as withdrawn, inactive, and inert. This is true for most patients. But recently, doctors have noticed autistic patients’ hyperactivity, aggression, and outbursts of uncontrolled negative behaviour. Parents increasingly complain, ‘My autistic child is destroying the house, behaves aggressively, beats others, harms himself, etc. Why is this?’ How can adults cope with their own confusion and help their children?

The most important thing to understand is that aggression is not intentional or a whim. It emerges when the patient is unable to control emotions and has an outburst to let off steam. It is important to understand what worries the child, and the cause of the behaviour, and to teach them how to express emotions appropriately. Sessions with a psychotherapist, consultation with a neurologist, and simple tips on how to calm an autistic child at home can all be helpful.

Aggression and autism: Nine ways to stop it

Timely psycho-correction of autism

This is necessary. Yes, you are bound to face initial resistance, but a better outcome depends on starting as soon as possible.

Not all methods will be effective

Accept it. All children are individuals, and each needs a personal approach.

Safe haven

This is a place in the house where the aggression of a child with autism can quickly subside. An excess of information and communication is a source of stress and needs to be neutralised.

Don’t facilitate aggression

This happens when parents argue and apply punishments, provoking negative behaviour.

Be consistent and calm

Only an even-tempered adult can positively influence the emotional state of an autistic child.

Stick to the regime

This is important in everything. Special children feel anxious when faced with unexpected routine changes. They must be prepared for it.

Use rewards

They are needed when a child behaves appropriately or destroys objects around them. Discuss the reward system with a psychotherapist.

Ignore the aggression, if it is appropriate and safe to do so

If the negative behaviour does not provoke parental protest, the child loses interest.

Take vitamins

Ask your doctor about this. For example, magnesium and B6 can effectively suppress aggression.

These are the most effective, time-tested recommendations of experienced psychotherapists and educators. They work if used correctly and regularly but will only correct one symptom. Eliminating the pathology’s cause is a better way to minimise aggression, as well as other symptoms. Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia offers innovative ASD cell therapy.

Modern treatment of autism with stem cells powerfully eliminates a whole set of ASD symptoms

Stem cells are the basic building block of the human body during foetal development and are also helpful in fully grown children. They are able to force out the ‘wrong’ cells from the brain, replacing them with healthy ones. This feature helps treat the child’s autism spectrum disorder and eliminate symptoms of the pathology. Aggression disappears, and the patient has the opportunity to develop as successfully as their peers.

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