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My autistic child cries all the time


Children with autism spectrum disorder have different symptoms that accompany the pathology. One of the most unpleasant is regular crying for no reason and lingering hysterics, and it is very difficult to stop them and lead the patient out. Naturally, these symptoms have an extremely negative impact on the psychoemotional background and aggravate the disease. Most often, doctors and parents can find several reasons why an autistic child cries constantly. You do not always need a special medical education to understand them — an attentiveness and parental sensitivity to the behavior of your child are enough.

Four steps to understanding why an autistic child won’t stop crying and how to help:

Step 1

First of all, it is important to exclude the presence or progress of such diseases as migraine, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and gastroenterological disorders. It is especially important to do it urgently if there are no tantrums and then you suddenly notice that an autistic child is constantly crying. Make an appointment with your doctor, and you may also need to consult with a dentist or otorhinolaryngologist.

Step 2

Sensory integration disorders can also lead to tearfulness, as they cause discomfort and sometimes pain. It is often difficult to stop hysterics if an autistic person has impaired perception of sounds, images, smells, and tactile sensations. They cause hypersensitivity and irritability.

Step 3

After identifying the causes of an autistic child’s crying and tantrums, it will be easier to deal with them. They can be provoked by the smallest things that might go unnoticed by a person with normally developed sensory integration. For example, it can be a change in the usual routine, the emotional irritability of parents, a meeting with a stranger, etc.

Step 4

How do you calm down an autistic child? Put yourself in their shoes and imagine that the usual means of communication are not available. You need to encourage the child to explain the reasons for their crying. Use alternative communication methods, such as sign language or cards. Do not get annoyed under any circumstances! Find a way to initiate a friendly understanding between you and the child.

Effectiveness of conventional treatment for autism in children

Sometimes it takes a very long time to find an effective technique due to the complexity of the reasons for crying or hysterics. The therapeutic process can take a long time and consist of various procedures. It is better not to deal with the symptoms separately but to solve the root cause of the development of ASD from inside the brain, because abnormal changes in brain function can lead to dysfunctions of various systems and organs in the child’s body.

Many parents have heard about cellular therapy for the elimination of ASD. It is recommended by experienced doctors, and the Mardaleishvili Medical Center carries out a unique treatment with innovative technology, which is also available to you.

Treatment of autism spectrum disorder with stem cells is a progressive method of solving the problem of pathological changes in the structure of the brain. The basic principle of the method lies in restoring the correct structure by transplanting the patient’s own stem cells from umbilical cord blood or bone marrow. The efficiency is high enough to consent to the procedure without hesitation. Over decades, many patients have undergone it and noted that it is at least two times more effective than the standard complex of medical procedures.

Try cellular correction of childhood autism — this method will eliminate not only crying but also other symptoms of ASD more effectively than classical therapy!

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