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My autistic child constantly talks and interrupts


ADHD and autism are closely related. Children with autism spectrum disorder can be silent or, on the other hand, quite talkative. Many psychotherapists attribute above-normal sociability to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a controversial theory, and experts have been discussing it for a long time.

Nevertheless, hyperactivity in autism is a fact and requires mandatory correction, especially when you consider that it is very difficult to be with a child who talks non-stop and constantly interrupts others all the time. Sometimes, parents of such child also need a consultation with a psychologist.

What can you do if an autistic child talks incessantly?

If the autistic child:

  • Says the same thing, repeating “favourite” words
  • Makes nonsensical chatter
  • Constantly interrupts others
  • Babbles “to himself” in a whisper.

These tips are extremely effective for mentioned above cases:

  • Use a special stop phrase.

If an autistic child talks all the time, but you need to rest, just say (for example), “I really want to hear this, but you have to finish eating.” So you do not infringe on his feelings, do not ignore, but correctly outline the bounds.

  • Always return to the conversation.

After your “rest time”, do not forget to return to the dialogue. A child will understand that you value his opinion and that the things he wants to say are important to you. Of course, an autistic child could forget about it, but this is not so significant.

  • Distinguish between chatting to himself and talking to you.

All children tend to talk to themselves. This is normal and useful for developing of communication skills, and it does not require your attention.

  • Organize a “quiet leisure”.

It can be a walk in the woods, watching a cartoon, playing sports, etc. A child will learn to understand that family members need silence sometimes.

The effectiveness of communicative psychological techniques

These simple four tips work pretty well and can really teach a child socially acceptable ethics in communication with others. But the problem is that brain of each autistic child has its own development and unique structure, so often parents fail in all of their attempts. It is possible to endlessly try new and different methods, but it is better to undergo an innovative treatment for an autism spectrum disorder in childhood in Georgia, which has proved itself in the best way possible for a vast majority of patients.

Mardaleishvili Medical Center is one of few clinics in the world where doctors effectively eliminate the cause of ASD progress along with a whole range of accompanying symptoms.

Modern cellular correction of autism in childhood is a real opportunity to overcome above-normal talkativeness and other symptoms of pathology

This is a new therapeutic approach with undeniable clinical significance in the treatment of many serious diseases and mental disorders. Its core is the use of the child’s own stem cells in order to maximize the restoration of genetic errors in the brain structure. The advantages include:

  • A large percentage of positive result in the treatment of patients from various age groups and with different severity of pathogenesis.
  • Absolute safety and absence of side effects.
  • Low invasiveness — the risk of spinal cord injury is completely excluded.
  • Adequate cost — it is cheaper than an annual course of intensive therapy with various traditional methods.

Undergo stem cell treatment for children with autism in Georgia, and it will help your child to become healthy!

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