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Male autism treatment

The question of male ASD treatment effectiveness is a matter of concern for the parents of a son undergoing regular therapy along traditional protocols. Unfortunately, they are of low success: the child’s health and behaviour improve for some time and then return to the initial levels.

Gender differences in autism

Autism spectrum disorder is sex-differentiated. This means that the pathogenesis of the disorder is different for males and females due to different gender-specific genetics. Researchers have noticed that patients with autism of the opposite gender have different reactions to the same events and interact differently with their environment. Therefore, it is important to take a gender-specific approach to treatment.

Male autism

Statistics confirm that there are more male patients with this diagnosis. It has been suggested that girls have a stronger immune defense mechanism by nature. Experts believe that due to differences in brain structure, hormonal background and genetic make-up, boys are more vulnerable to the disease.

Autism symptoms

According to multiple studies, doctors have concluded that boys with high social disabilities make less eye contact than females. Typically developing children appreciate different types of non-verbal messages from their interlocutor. It has recently been discovered that ASD develops in different parts of the brain in both genders. The cerebellum, limbic system and cerebral cortex are common for males, and the striatum is also common for females. In addition to the listed variations, there are also other differences in the disease’s symptoms.

Male autism treatment

Gender differences are relevant in many traditional therapies: ABA therapy, developmental therapy, psychological correction sessions, motor exercises, etc. For example, the effect of developmental exercises will be greater if the objects with which the patient interacts are interesting to him, such as cars with opening doors, latches, different mechanisms or switches for boys. Psychological correction should take into account the nature of male communication with others, how he analyses information, how he reacts to certain situations, his physical abilities, etc.

But gender differentiation does not matter if you choose to undergo modern ASD treatment with stem cells. Because the cells themselves carry all the genetic information, they restore the brain depending on its structure, which no classic technique can do.

Male autism treatment with stem cells is an innovative procedure that is definitely worth making an appointment for.

This is why:

  1. It differs from traditional therapies in achieving a stable and long-lasting therapeutic result, which not only remains but can also gradually improve.
  2. Cell therapy “works” on a molecular level. This means that when male ASD is treated, not only the symptoms are dealt with. Changes take place in the damaged part of the brain, where stem cells replace those that have genetic defects.
  3. Male autism treatment is indicated between the ages of 6 and 20. This is a long enough period to improve the child’s welfare to a large extent.
  4. The cell therapy results include an improvement in all processes of brain activity and normalization of behaviour. The child becomes interested in the world and people. He becomes less aggressive and more sociable. Positive changes are also seen in speech.
  5. This male ASD treatment with stem cells has almost no contraindications, but there are conditions that must be met.

Requirements for undergoing male autism treatment with stem cells

The main requirement is the availability of stem cells. The best ones are those taken from the patient’s umbilical cord blood. Preserving biomaterial in a cryobank is a relatively recent innovation that is not trusted or followed by everyone. For the male autism treatment, the child’s own cells taken from the bone marrow are also suitable. Alternatively, a male ASD may be corrected using donor stem cells. Only siblings may be used as donors if they are more than 50% genetically compatible with the boy. A diagnostic test is also required before the procedure.

Undergo male autism treatment at Mardaleishvili Medical Centre – modern protocols and advanced cell therapy will change your son’s future for the better.

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