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Female autism treatment

Parents want their daughters to be healthy, beautiful, confident, sociable and capable of learning, so the issue of female autism treatment is prioritized.

Why does gender matter in autism?

Scientists have noticed that female autism spectrum disorder is four times less common than male. They explain this by the stronger defenses of the female body. The disease’s symptoms are also less expressed. It is fair to say that males and females with the same diagnosis behave differently, so the therapeutic approach needs to be differentiated.

What is the difference between female and male autism?

Recent scientific research has found that the striatum can also be affected by the female disease. In contrast, in cases of autism, the cortex, cerebellum and limbic system are involved. Differently modified brain naturally affects the spectrum of ASD symptoms in females.

Peculiarities of female autism

Males get factual information, but they don’t always catch the “subtext” in looks, gestures, etc. Females, on the other hand, can understand a lot just from a glance or an intonation of voice. Maybe this is why children with male autism are unable to analyze emotional cues and avoid looking at a person as something not understandable to them, while in case of female autism, children may stare long and hard into the eyes of the person they are talking to. This is just one example of the differences in the autism gender expression, but there are many others.

Female autism treatment

Therapists, psychologists and educators should approach female autism treatment in the same way as teachers consider the gendered nature of their students. Psychological interactions with girls can be deeper and more varied, given their naturally well-developed emotionality, sensuality, intuition and ability to learn. It is possible to play complex role-playing games with them, use specially designed simulators and various non-verbal techniques to interact with them. This does not mean that boys do not have a similar perception of the world, just that it is not as deep, and even less so for those with autism.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve the desired results with conservative therapy, even if a gender-differentiated approach is applied to the therapy protocol.

The reason for ineffective female ASD treatment is not due to medical development but to a lack of truly effective therapeutic protocols. It is important to note that innovative cell therapy is best suited to females because it uses their own biomaterial, which contains all the necessary genetic data to restore the correct structure of the female brain.

Female autism treatment with stem cells

Today, thid is the most promising technique for achieving not only visible but also long-lasting results. Unlike other therapies, cell therapy “works” at the underlying level of the genetic code. Stem cells he the incredible ability to identify and repair the damaged areas of the brain on their own, even despite the severity of the disease’s pathogenesis and the fact that it occurs when the child is still forming in the mother’s womb or is passed on by inheritance.

About the female autism treatment procedure with cell therapy

The essence of female autism treatment concerns the use of stem cells. If the parents save the umbilical cord blood, cells can be isolated from it. The patient’s autologous bone marrow is also suitable for this purpose. In extreme cases, the umbilical cord blood of the patient’s sibling can be used for female ASD treatment. Stem cells obtained from the biomaterial are prepared in a special suspension and injected into the patient’s body under general anaesthesia in sterile conditions of the operating theatre. The first results of the treatment are already visible within the first two weeks after the procedure.

What to expect after the female autism treatment

The therapeutic effect depends on various factors: the age of the patient, the severity of the pathology, the presence of associated diseases, etc. Therefore, the result of treatment varies from person to person. But there is improvement for every patient. The girl becomes calmer and more socially active. Her speech and mental abilities improve. This effect lasts for a long time and may become more pronounced in the future.

Undergo female autism treatment at Mardaleishvili Medical Centre. Give your daughter the chance to be like everyone else – to become more sociable, confident and capable of learning new skills and knowledge.

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