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Child’s autism correction at the age of eight

Treating child’s autism at the age of eight is a demanded area in modern medicine, as the statistics are stunning: ASD is diagnosed in one to two children out of 100.

Parents often recognize that their child has ASD at preschool age. Before the age of eight, they are often already familiar with all the treatments that traditional medicine has to offer. But the problem is that this genetic pathology is difficult to treat.

Cell therapy is a promising method for the ASD correction of children who are 3–20 years old, and the achieved therapeutic effect is a healthy future for the child with minimal appearances of the disease.

How does the ASD correction by stem cells work?

Basic or stem cells are the building material for any organs that need them. So, getting into an adult organism, they replace “sick” cells, restoring the genetic code as much as possible for each individual. Due to the effect on the deep cellular level, the treatment of child with ASD gives a long-term therapeutic effect.

Benefits of treating the child with ASD at Mardaleishvili Medical Center:

  • Specialists of the highest category
  • All diagnostic procedures performed in one clinic
  • Safe and effective use of the method of stem cell correction
  • Loyal price policy

The medical center is located in Tbilisi. It specializes specifically in stem cell transplantation. This field is well developed here and has all the necessary technical equipment to perform the correction procedure at the highest level.

Another distinguishing feature of the center is its reasonable price policy for medical services. That is why patients from different countries of Eurasia come to Georgia. If you compare the prices of many European clinics, you will see that coming to Tbilisi is much less expensive.

What is needed to correct child’s autism at the age of eight using an innovative cellular technique?

The main “therapeutic agent” is stem cells. They can be taken from the patent’s bone marrow tissue or from the cryobanked umbilical cord blood of the patient or his brother/sister. Before the administration of stem cells, it is necessary to undergo an examination. Part of this can be done at your place of residence. To find out exactly what you need, contact the specialists of the center through the form on the website, providing conclusions about the state of your child’s health.

Prospects for treatment of an eight-year-old child with autism

Almost all patients who have been treated at our clinic note a noticeable health improvement, which not only persists but also improves over time. Particularly, children begin to speak and study better and become calmer and more socially active. Supported by conservative treatment, cell therapy is the perfect basis for a promising, confident, and healthy future for an autistic child.

Make an appointment for child’s autism correction at the age of eight at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center. Take the chance to defeat the pathology as much as possible.


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