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Child’s autism correction at the age of six

The perspective of treating a 6-year-old child with autism using behavioral correction methods is not a bright prospect. No matter how masterful a psychologist, physiotherapist and speech therapist may be, he/she cannot completely change the situation, because the problem lies in the genetic code and in the abnormal structure of the autistic child’s brain. Today, ASD is treated only with conservative methods, because the human brain is poorly researched, and surgical correction is not always performed to eliminate neurodegenerative disorders.

Correction of children’s ASD with stem cells is an innovative technique used by the world’s leading clinics

Among them is the Mardaleishvili Medical Center. Treatment of children with ASD using stem or basic cells has been used recently, but has already allowed doctors to achieve significant results in the therapy process. No method before it had been able to restore the correct brain cell structure at least partially.

Cell therapy is a technique that changes the genetic code

The advantage of correction of a child’s autism at the age of 6 using cell therapy is that the basic cells replace the damaged elements by the pathology in the patient’s body. Thus, they replace the sick cells with healthy ones.

So, stem cells are injected into the spinal canal or intravenously. The first method is preferable as the maximum concentration of the regenerative biomaterial reaches the brain and is not dispersed by the bloodstream throughout the body.

Expected results of treating a six-year-old child with autism

After the administration of the stem cells, approximately two weeks will pass before the first therapeutic effect is seen. The child becomes more calm and balanced. His aggressive behavior is minimized gradually, and he perceives and absorbs new information better, studies more easily, and speaks better. The results of the other therapy sessions are expected to be more noticeable. The child will be able to study at school in a class with ordinary children, socialize with them, make friends, and deal with his everyday needs independently.

Peculiarities of correcting children’s ASD

The treatment process for children with ASD involves the use of stem cells. They can be synthesized from the umbilical cord blood or bone marrow of the patient himself. It is also possible to use the umbilical cord blood of a sibling. For any further questions on the possibility of receiving cell therapy, please contact the specialists of our clinic. The consultation and appointment is free of charge.

The advantages of undergoing cell therapy in Georgia:

  • Experienced specialists
  • Large portfolio of therapeutic protocols with a high level of effectiveness
  • Over 80% positive feedback from patients
  • Comfortable conditions for patients and accompanying persons
  • Organizational assistance in solving transportation and visa issues.

Correction of child’s autism at the age of six at Mardaleishvili Medical Center is your opportunity to change the pathogenesis of the disease on a cellular level.

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