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Child’s autism correction at the age of five

In most cases, treatment of a child with autism at age five is a long-term process that rarely provides a clear therapeutic effect, even though this is the most appropriate age for treatment. Regardless of how much psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, and other specialists work with the patient, the result will not be satisfactory. It is necessary to return to sessions again and again.

The problem of low treatment effectiveness means that none of the conservative methods used can change the pathogenesis of the disease at the cellular level. All of them focus on correcting the symptoms, as nowadays nobody performs brain surgery to eliminate autism – it is simply impossible.

The method of correction of children’s ASD with stem cells is an exception. This procedure can be considered a surgical operation without any surgery. Like a surgeon’s scalpel, the patient’s own biomaterial replaces the damaged cells in the brain with anatomically “correct” analogues, due to which there is a partial recovery. The level of effectiveness is different for each child, and the earlier the cell therapy is performed, the more effective its result will be.

Stem cells are the main building material of any organism. At an initial developmental stage they have a basic structure, but after entering the body they identify DNA areas and body cells with genetic defects or affected by a disease, and recover the body by replacing the “wrong areas.”

This explains why ASD treatment with stem cells is the number 1 method in the modern world of medicine.

The correction of a child autism at the age of five can be performed with stem cells taken from the bone marrow or from the child’s own umbilical cord blood. If there are severe pathologies, or if blood from the umbilical cord was not collected at the child’s birth, similar biomaterial from his sibling can be used if the genetic compatibility of the donor and recipient is more than 50%.

The stem cell transplantation is completely safe if the patient meets the medical requirements. No negative immune reaction occurs when using the patient’s own or the donor’s biomaterial. If cells are extracted from the spinal cord or the prepared suspension is injected into it, the spinal canal is not damaged, as the puncture is performed in a safe area under CT control.

The results of treating a five-year-old child with autism mean a significant improvement in speech skills and behavioral factors. Correction of ASD with stem cells is good because its therapeutic effect remains for a long time. The child will perceive new information and study easier in future. Scientists suggest that the treatment of children with ASD will also enable them to have healthy offspring in the future, because stem cells repair damaged DNA areas.

Correction of the child’s autism at age five is an effective cell therapy, which you can undergo at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center and give your child a chance to live a full life.

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