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Child’s Autism Correction at the Age of Four

Treatment of a four-year-old child with autism is carried out using methods of behavioral correction, bio and alternative medicine, pharmacological therapy, etc. However, none of these methods have the desired effect permanently – you have to return to the treatment again and again.

Correction of children’s ASD with stem cells is a relatively new method, but it is quite promising, as it has positively changed the state of the majority of young patients.

Mechanism of ASD treatment with stem cells

It is supposed to affect the pathology on a deep cellular level. This means that when the basic cells enter the body, they replace the DNA elements affected by ASD. As a result, the health state improves considerably and the therapeutic effect remains for a long time.

How autism is corrected at the age of four

The patient’s or his/her sibling’s umbilical cord blood is required for the cell therapy, as well as the necessary biomaterial, which can be extracted from the patient’s own bone marrow. Treatment of a four-year-old child with autism takes place in hospital conditions, and stem cells are administered to the body under anesthesia.

Correction of children’s ASD with stem cells means:

  • Improvement of behavioral factors
  • Stimulation of brain activity
  • Reduction of aggressive and panic attacks
  • Improvement of speech and communication skills

A number of diagnostic procedures must be performed to determine the possibility of using the cellular correction method for the treatment of a child with ASD. It is also necessary to check the genetic compatibility of the donor and recipient if the cord blood of a sibling will be used.

Advantages of undergoing treatment in Georgia

In terms of medical tourism, this country perfectly corresponds to the expectations of patients who want to undergo effective treatment without extra financial expenses. That is because the prices of medical services are strictly regulated by the legal system. This also concerns private clinics, so patients from different countries are coming to Georgia to undergo cell transplantation. Cell therapy is also performed in other European countries, but it is much more expensive.

At the same time, the quality of services is comparable. Mardaleishvili Medical Center employs experienced doctors with international qualifications. Many of them are engaged in scientific research in the field of finding new ways of treating autism spectrum disorders. Specialists also use innovative methods developed by their foreign colleagues in order to increase the treatment efficiency.

The clinic itself is equipped with the latest technologies and comfortable conditions for patients. There is a center for people from other countries, which helps to solve organizational and visa issues that may occur when planning the arrival for treatment.

Correction of child’s autism at the age of four at Mardaleishvili Medical Center is a real chance to change the pathogenesis of ASD and the future of your child.

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