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Child’s Autism Correction at the Age of Three

Autism spectrum disorder is mostly diagnosed in early childhood. Parents notice that their child speaks poorly or late, does not want to communicate with children, and is emotionally passive. If it happens at an early school age, the problem is more difficult. That is why it is better to start autism treatment immediately at the age of three.

Traditional and modern methods of ASD correction

Various techniques of social, behavioral, and psychological correction are used all over the world to overcome autism. They help to a certain extent, but the cause of the pathology is in the brain, and it is impossible to solve it by only treating the symptoms. One step ahead in modern medicine is the procedure of stem cell transplantation, which facilitates the brain’s cellular restoration and significantly stops the disease’s pathogenesis.

Advanced features of the child’s autism correction with stem cells at the age three

Basic human construction cells, after entering the body, restore the correct structure of damaged organs. Like a puzzle put together by a skillful person, stem cells independently identify abnormal cells in the brain structure, eliminate them, making replacements with healthy analogues. There is no methodology that affects the brain with the regeneration effect in the autism treatment at the current stage of medical development. That is why all parents of children with autism would want to undergo a cell transplantation procedure.

The effectiveness of modern correction of child’s autism at the age three:

  • Development of the emotional sphere of communication with relatives
  • Expansion of the range of hobbies and playing skills with different toys according to age
  • Teaching the initial skills of self-care
  • Improvement of communicative and intellectual abilities

Thus, a cellular correction procedure at this age will stimulate the active comprehension of new information. The child will be able to study in a regular school and will actively progress in all spheres, further strengthening the effect of the procedure.

Technology for treating child’s ASD with stem cells

The necessary biomaterial is taken from umbilical cord blood. Lumbar puncture to extract spinal cord cells for autism treatment at the age of three is contraindicated. It can be done only at the age of four. The cells are suspended and injected into the child’s body. Then, the patient is supervised by a doctor for a couple of days and may return home.

What is needed for the correction of ASD by stem cells

The most important thing is the preserved cord blood. It can be transported to the clinic even if it is currently in a cryobank in another country. Everything that will be needed for the treatment will be individually explained to the patient by the consulting doctor, who can be contacted using the convenient communication method listed on the clinic’s website. The doctor will study the patient’s anamnesis, review medical conclusions, and put the patient on a waiting list for correction at a convenient time.

Undergo your child’s ASD treatment at Mardaleishvili Medical Center – an effective cellular correction procedure will help you to overcome autism in the future.


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