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Child’s autism correction at the age of fourteen

The treatment of autism at the age of 14 is a long process or even an ongoing one. It consists of various procedures: biotherapy, work with a psychologist and speech therapist, immuno-, physio-, and psychotherapy, oxygenation, micropolarization, etc.

Both children and parents are tired of endless visits to doctors, rehabilitation and developmental centers. However, there is an opportunity to reduce this need by at least half. Cell therapy offers that chance.

After completing each course of ASD correction using traditional methods, parents become convinced that there is no “magic cure” for this pathology. Traditional procedures have a limited effect on the child’s brain and do not sufficiently eliminate the disease’s symptoms.

Treating a child with ASD with stem cells is a new revolutionary method that has received positive feedback from many specialists dealing with autism for years.

Of course, cell therapy, like other procedures, is not able to cure autism spectrum disorder completely. However, such therapy provides more permanent and noticeable results that can be sustained and improved in the future.

The procedure provides the main impetus for further successful therapy, creating a solid foundation for the child’s future development and providing new opportunities for his/her socialization and self-development.

The therapeutic effects of autism correction at the age of 14:

  • Improvement of verbal abilities by expanding vocabulary and knowledge of grammar and morphology
  • Improved cognitive abilities – the recovered brain starts to work with information correctly and extensively, processing and structuring it in a new way
  • Normalization of behavioral factors – the patient’s behavior becomes more “stereotypical” and acceptable to society. Anxiety, insecurity, and aggression disappear.
  • Socialization – the patient is able to connect with others and make friends much more easily after cell therapy.
  • Physical Improvement – there are fewer extensive corrections in the work of other organs and body systems because of the brain changes. The immune system works differently, metabolic processes are normalized, and the development of muscle structure is stimulated.

All of this is possible because stem cells renew the cellular and molecular structure of the brain. They penetrate into all brain sections and reconstruct them by replacing abnormal cells with “correct” analogues.

Consequently, the brain is renewed and the therapeutic effect is achieved. Cell therapy is not a panacea, but it is the only method that currently provides real results. The effects can be intensified by multiple developmental exercises.

Peculiarities of autism treatment at the age of 14

If the parents saved the umbilical cord blood at the child’s birth, it is the best biomaterial for stem cell intake. The umbilical cord blood of a sibling is also suitable for ASD correction if genetic compatibility is more than 50%. Stem cells can also be extracted from the patient’s own bone marrow in the absence of any serious pathologies.

Contact our clinic consultants via the telephone numbers listed in the “Contacts” section to discover how and under what conditions a child with ASD can undergo cellular therapy.

Learn more about child’s autism correction at the age of 14 at Mardaleishvili Medical Center. Your call is a real opportunity to change your life for the better.

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