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Child’s autism correction at the age of thirteen

What do parents hear when treating a 13-year-old child with autism with traditional therapy protocols? Most often, doctors refer to the disease’s incurability and the low efficiency of the applied methods. This is true because they can slightly affect the pathology’s symptoms. Many patients are familiar with the low effectiveness of various physiotherapy procedures, developmental exercises, and psychological sessions. You need to repeat them regularly, and exercises should be done permanently.

What does modern medicine say? ASD correction can provide more stable and noticeable results. This is due to innovative cell therapy, which means treating them with their own stem cells. They can be extracted from the umbilical cord blood or bone marrow. The biomaterial is taken safely, and the injection procedure is also risk-free.

Features of treating child’s ASD with stem cells

The new method of correcting a child’s autism at the age of thirteen with stem/basic cells is an in-depth impact on the disease pathogenesis at the molecular level. Thus, if classical methods can only fight the symptoms, stem cells change the genetic code and correct inherited errors. As a result, the disease becomes less intense, and the patient’s health improves.

The main improvements that become noticeable after undergoing cellular correction:

  • Activation of cognitive potential – the renewed brain works more actively and comprehensively
  • Development of verbal skills, vocabulary extension, more complicated grammatical constructions
  • New hobbies, easier communication with people and making new friends
  • Deepening of the emotional sphere: strengthening relationships with relatives, differentiation of own feelings, demonstrations of sympathy, kindness, understanding
  • The physical development of muscles and immunity – stem cells have a positive effect on the entire body

How effective is autism treatment at the age of 13?

Despite the relatively “adult” age, ASD correction with cell therapy provides good results that remain for a considerable period. They can be maintained and strengthened by regular developmental exercises. As a result, the patient begins to speak, think better, and perceive new information, their aggression is reduced to a minimum, and communication with others is easier.

All you need for treating your child’s ASD is stem cells. Ask our consultants additional questions by choosing the communication option in the “Contact Us” section. This is very convenient because the consultation is free of charge and remote. You will be able to:

  • Get answers to all your questions
  • Provide medical reports for individual prognosis of cell transplantation treatment
  • Make an appointment
  • Get information about the diagnostic procedures available in your neighborhood
  • Get assistance in all the organizational, transportation, border crossing, and other issues.

Contact the clinic consultants now. It’s easier to make the right decision when you know everything about the treatment and the travel. Experienced doctors, comfortable rooms and the most attentive service await you.

Correction of child’s autism at the age of 13 at Mardaleishvili Medical Center will surprise you with its effectiveness and will help to eliminate most of the disease’s symptoms.

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