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Child’s autism correction at the age of twelve

Most doctors do not give a positive prediction about autism at the age of 12. It is difficult to treat with traditional therapies which are used widely in all clinics. This is because the body is already formed, and the disease pathogenesis is quite developed, if autism originated from genetic causes.

But there is an innovative method that gives a chance to change the situation and achieve positive therapeutic result!

This is ASD correction using stem cells – an innovative procedure that is carried out in the world’s best clinics. Thousands of adolescents have already been convinced of its effectiveness.

Now you can undergo an effective treatment to make an immediate and strong impact on the disease and create the basis for further effective developmental therapy. Many parents note that after the stem cell transplant procedure there are significant changes in the child’s health and behavior, such as:

  • Ease in perceiving new information
  • Achieving success in the educational process
  • Making new friends and hobbies
  • Better communication and intellectual abilities
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Eliminating autism’s negative symptoms, such as aggression or apathy, concentration on certain activities, unwillingness to communicate with the world, etc.

The essence of children’s ASD treatment with cell therapy

The technology

The correction of autism at the age of 12 requires the use of the patient’s own stem cells. Usually, they are synthesized from bone marrow or from umbilical cord blood. It is preferable to use umbilical cord blood if it is available. A sibling’s biomaterial is also suitable if there is a genetic compatibility of more than 50%.

Many people have doubts, but in the case of cell transplantation procedure, they are completely groundless. This treatment is safe because the injection of the stem cell suspension is done in the zone where the spinal cord ends, and there is no danger of damaging it.

Necessary conditions

Before treating a 12-year-old child with autism with this methodology, a comprehensive medical examination must be performed. This can be done at our clinic with no need to visit any other medical center. Moreover, you can undergo most diagnostic procedures at your place of residence to save time and money. Only the necessary tests will be taken at the Georgian clinic. As a rule, it does not take more than a day, and the very next day, the patient can undergo stem cell transplantation.

The result of children’s ASD correction

Treatment of a child with ASD, in the majority of cases, results in a significant improvement in brain activity: speech improves, as well as the perception of new information. The child becomes more sociable, emotionally balanced, and easily establishes new relationships with other people.

Despite the recommendation to start treatment as early as possible, therapy at the age of 12 is also effective and can give the desired results. Therefore, make an appointment online right now. During the online consultation, you will receive answers to all your questions and discover the procedure’s details. The consultant therapist will also make an individual expected therapeutic prognosis.

The method for correcting child’s autism at the age of 12 at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center is a real chance for your child to change their life for the better and forget the pathology symptoms.

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