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Child’s autism correction at the age of eleven

Stem cells are actively used to treat autism at age 11 as well as at other ages. This method helps to achieve results that are impossible with other physiotherapeutic and developmental methods. The latter have no direct effect on the brain, while the stem cell transplantation procedure restores the correct structure of the brain cells.

Cell therapy is the method practiced in the world’s leading clinics. It is considered to be promising for its long-term and permanent therapeutic effect. Doctors recommend it to all patients who can receive stem cells from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood saved in the cryobank. It is a simple and safe procedure. There are no negative consequences because the autologous biomaterial is not rejected by the immune system.

Effects of the correction of children’s ASD with stem cells:

  • Changes in the child’s brain cell structure (stem cells replace “ill” cells with “healthy” ones);
  • The real prospect of living without the pathology’s symptoms in the future;
  • Elimination of symptoms as much as possible;
  • Improvement of communicative, behavioral, verbal, and mental skills;
  • Visible treatment results which cannot be achieved by traditional conservative methods.

How is autism corrected at the age of eleven?

An essential requirement for the treatment of autism at the age of 11 with cell therapy is the availability of stem cells. Our clinic can determine the suitability of such cells from the patient’s own bone marrow within the diagnostics.

Also, the umbilical cord blood of the patient or his sibling can be used for the child’s ASD correction. Extracted stem cells are preferable because they are not affected by radiation, viral diseases, or negative external influences.

Treatment of children with ASD is performed on an in-patient basis. Stem cells diluted in a special suspension are injected under general anesthesia. Even at this point, they begin to “work” in the body, changing the pathogenesis of the disease.

What is needed to undergo the procedure?

You need to contact specialists through the form on the center’s website to be admitted to the clinic. The doctor’s answer will be more detailed if you attach your child’s health data in digital form to the application. This will allow the doctor to review the patient’s anamnesis in detail and give an expected therapy prognosis. You will also receive answers to any of your questions and an online appointment with the doctor.

Expected therapeutic result

The 11-year-old child has an active developing body, very responsive to any therapeutic procedure: especially to the reconstructive effects of stem cells. You will see the first results within a couple of weeks after the procedure.

Your child will become calmer and more communicative, showing an emotional connection to relatives. He/she will understand their peers, become aware of their surroundings, and will be interested in new hobbies. School progress will be improved, and they will have confidence in their actions and independence. This therapeutic effect will increase and stabilize in the future if you periodically undertake developmental exercises recommended by the doctor.

Book your 11-year-old child’s autism correction procedure at Mardaleishvili Medical Center. You will receive high-quality medical services at a reasonable cost, and your child’s health will improve noticeably.

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