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Child’s autism correction at the age of ten

It is quite difficult to obtain the desired results of autism treatment at the age of 10. Usually, this is because parents, having learned about ASD only at school age, are late to start the necessary therapeutic correction. Also, many people waste years on conservative treatments that do not always give the desired results. However, 10 years is not the age to give up and do nothing. Instead, it is the perfect time to make the most powerful impact on the pathology, to achieve visible results and keep them with the development therapy.

Many traditional medicine methods focus on the disease symptoms rather than a solution that could work from the inside. They can eliminate the symptoms to some extent but have no direct impact on the brain. A modern alternative is to undergo stem cell transplantation. Doctors recommend it as the most effective way to correct autism with a noticeable, sustained, and permanent effect. Therefore, it fully compensates for any investment in the cell transplantation procedure.

Advantages of cell therapy compared to other methods:

  • Direct effect on the child’s brain
  • 2-4 times more efficient
  • Completely safe and does not cause any negative immune reaction
  • Accepted by the child’s body
  • Stimulates all cerebral processes, arousing interest towards surrounding people and learning
  • Normalizes the negative sides of the pathology: aggression, insolence, asociality, low cognitive abilities, etc.

Correction of children’s ASD with stem cells is a method that changes brain structure. Thus, the pathology is eliminated at the cellular level with a durable therapeutic effect. It is the most innovative and promising way to treat children with ASD today. So you should register for cellular therapy.

Necessary conditions to undergo autism correction at the age of 10

Firstly, stem cells are necessary. Few parents thought about saving umbilical cord blood 10 years ago. That is why this biomaterial is very often unavailable. In most cases, stem cells for such patients are synthesized from bone marrow tissue. But if a child is diagnosed with severe associated pathologies, it is impossible to use their biomaterial. Then it is possible to take cells from the sibling’s umbilical cord blood.

Secondly, autism treatment at the age of 10 involves undergoing several diagnostic procedures to investigate disease pathogenesis and evaluate general health. If donor biomaterial is used, it will be necessary to analyze the genetic compatibility.

Expected therapeutic effect after ASD correction with stem cells

Treating the child with ASD through this method improves their mental, verbal and communicative abilities, increases intelligence,  minimizes aggression, and makes the child more sociable. After cell therapy, children become more interested in the surrounding world and are involved in new hobbies and activities. Their educational progress becomes much higher.

Undergo child’s autism correction at the age of 10 at Mardaleishvili Medical Center. The procedure’s high quality will allow us to achieve positive dynamics in ASD treatment.


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