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Autism spectrum disorder is a condition or pathology that is currently difficult to treat with traditional methods. But scientific medicine is constantly progressing in terms of developing new treatments and improving traditional ones. If you are looking for the best treatment for autism in the world, here is a list of methods proven to work and help improve your child’s behaviour and health.

The main aim of the effective methods of ASD treatment is:

  1. Eliminating the disease’s symptoms
  2. Helping the patient to adapt to social behavioral norms
  3. General development
  4. Revitalization of brain activity
  5. Improvement of speech ability
  6. Strengthening of musculoskeletal system functions
  7. Reduction of aggression as well as treatment of depression and apathy
  8. Expansion of personal interests and hobbies

The best treatment for autism is the one that really cures, and you can find it in the following list.

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA)

This is the best method of autism correction in terms of understanding the patient’s condition. It involves intensive training in specific skills with rewards for success.

Logopedics – speech development

Almost all children with ASD have speech dysfunctions and they are rarely caused by articulation defects. There is “speech pragmatics,” where the patient finds it psychologically difficult to use speech to build social relationships.

Occupational therapy

This methodology is based mainly on establishing the skills that the child will need in future everyday life. Autistic children often have incomplete gross motor skills and are simply unable to do primitive things, such as tying shoelaces, closing locks or self-care.

Social therapy

Almost all children are socially passive and find it difficult to make friends and communicate with others, even with their close relatives. They need help to develop conversation skills and to learn how to behave socially at the playground, at school and in unfamiliar situations.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

An autistic spectrum disorder is a “pervasive” developmental abnormality that causes poor development of fine and gross motor skills, muscles and the whole skeleton. They need to improve endurance, muscle tone and movement coordination.

Play therapy

Unlike normal children, children with autism are unable to engage themselves and organize play. They need help to do this, since play can be a powerful stimulus to social activity and speech development.

Behavioral improvement therapy

Autistic people are very familiar with feelings of frustration and are poorly understood due to their inability to inform others of their needs. Therefore, they may exhibit unwanted behavior.

Developmental therapeutic treatment

According to many experts, this is the best way to correct autism. It includes well-known methods such as RDI, partnership development, Son-rise as well as Floortime and many others.

Visual therapy

With many people with autism have a visual way of thinking, therapists use a variety of video games and visual modeling methods to teach them.

Stem cell therapy is the best treatment for autism, according to scientists and experienced doctors specialising in the treatment of patients with an autism spectrum disorder.  This technique involves cellular renewal of the brain, which none of the techniques listed above can do. While they have an indirect effect on the brain, the stem cells penetrate it. They independently detect the damaged areas where the abnormal cells responsible for autism are located and replace them with their anatomically correct analogues. The method has an accelerated effect compared to other methods of autism treatment and is more effective. The therapeutic effect is stable and long-lasting.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is one of the world’s leading clinics specialising in the autism treatment with stem cells.

Here, you will receive qualified medical care, receive effective treatment through stem cell transplantation and go home with the best advice on how to sustain the therapeutic effect.

Your benefits of coming to Mardaleishvili Medical Centre:

  • Access to innovative cell therapy methodology
  • Highly qualified clinical staff
  • All possible assistance in planning and organising your trip to Georgia
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Adequate cost for medical services that are favorable for the patient

The best treatment for autism in the world is cellular and developmental therapy. Make an appointment for a consultation and be sure of it!

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