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An autistic child is obsessed with a friend / child / stranger


At its core, autism spectrum disorder is an obsession itself, as a patient is dependent on certain habits, activities, objects, people, etc. The progress of pathogenesis has its own characteristics for each patient. In medical practice, doctors often hear the alarming phrase from parents, “My autistic child is obsessed with a friend.” And it doesn’t have to be a real friend, because autistic children are often and inexplicably attracted to people (neighbours, teachers, acquaintances of their parents, etc.) who are similar in temperament or, vice versa, are direct opposites (an unexplainable craving for negative emotions as a latent demonstration of insecurity, masochism).

Obsession requires psychological correction. Otherwise, it may be:

  • Negative change in friendship with the object of obsession
  • Suppression of the psychoemotional state of an autistic child
  • Exacerbation of other symptoms of the disease as a result of dissatisfied needs in communication with a particular person

Analysing the causes of obsession in autism

Obsession is a definite result or tendency of an autistic child to engage in stereotypical behaviour. It is difficult to explain it scientifically, as the abnormal changes in the brain of a patient with autistic spectrum disorder are not fully explored. However, some psychological methods can be used to correct abnormal affection.

Ways to overcome obsession of an autistic child:

  1. Drug therapy — as a last resort, according to medical indications.
  2. Relaxation — use of any methods that are comfortable for child for psychoemotional normalization. It can be yoga, walking, cycling, aromatherapy, etc.
  3. Expanding the range of interests by search for new exciting activities. They must be different, and this is important, because a child will not have been fixated on someone.
  4. Psychological methods for switching an attention — a huge list of methods that are easy to use in everyday life. For example, if the patient is too obtrusive, use the stop phrases previously invented with him, change the type of activity, change the place of pastime, and so on.
  5. Active socialization — new forms of communication, attending various trainings and lessons for autistic people, expanding their range of contacts, etc.

The effectiveness of psychological correction of obsession

The search for methods to overcome obsession can be very long and fruitless. It often happens that one kind of obsession replaces another, and the process of treatment goes into infinity. To overcome autism and obsession, we recommend turning to modern medicine. For example, cell therapy is very popular and in demand today.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Center in Georgia is well known in Europe and specializes in therapeutic use of stem cells for the treatment of ASD.

For many decades, medics have successfully used this method for treatment of various psychological disorders and incurable diseases of the internal organs. Such correction of childhood autism is based on the ability of stem cells to replace abnormal ones in affected organs of an adult body with healthy analogues. This revolutionary treatment for childhood autism provides a chance to achieve an incredible success. There are a lot of cases when pathogenesis of the disease was completely inhibited.

Undergo a stem cells treatment for autism spectrum disorder — your child’s recovery is so real!


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