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Prevention of autism: is it possible?

The term autism is derived from the Latin word ‘autos’, which refers to an individual’s withdrawal. This explains the main characteristics of the pathology, such as

  • Asocial behaviour – involuntary outbursts of anger, shouting, indifference, etc.
  • Lack of interest in the surrounding world
  • Fixation on a particular activity, limited interests and unwillingness to learn something new
  • Speech disorders – difficulties in understanding speech, an inability to communicate, formulate thoughts or make requests
  • Mental retardation, which makes learning new skills and attending school difficult
  • Emotional instability – mood changes, low levels of kinship, lack of life enjoyment, etc.

The causes of autism are not yet clearly understood, potentially related to genetic disorders in the womb or after birth, severe infectious diseases, stress, nervous system disorders, brain injuries, etc.

Prevention of autism for these reasons is quite difficult because neither parents nor doctors can exactly say if a child would have the disorder. However, statistics show that recently, more and more children are being born with an autism spectrum disorder. It may be due to a genetic predisposition. This is why it is important to undergo genetic screening when planning a child.

Modern genetic diagnostics during the planning period and during prenatal development are not always able to determine the level of autism risk. But if the diagnosis is made, it is advisable to start treatment for ASD immediately – the sooner it starts, the more effective it will be. An expectant mother, even if she is completely healthy, needs to monitor her lifestyle carefully in order to minimise genetic disorders that can lead to severe genetic and hereditary abnormalities.

Stem cell treatment is the first procedure to undergo if a child is diagnosed with autism

Cell therapy or stem cell treatment is an advanced method widely used in the best clinics around the world. Mardaleishvili Medical Center also uses it to provide patients with a modern level of treatment. It allows them to obtain more effective and visible results than the classical protocols consisting of conservative methods.

Features of the stem cell transplant procedure:

  • Use of the patient’s own biomaterial
  • No side effects or a long list of contraindications
  • Proven high effectiveness
  • Positive feedback from parents of children who have already undergone this treatment

Cell therapy is highly effective because it not only eliminates the symptoms to a certain extent, but also the cause of the disease itself – the brain areas damaged by it. As a result, the pathogenesis is changed at the cellular level. For more information about the possibility of an autism stem cell treatment, please contact our medical advisors.

Contact Mardaleishvili Medical Centre – autism treatment with cellular therapy can help to maximise the impact on pathogenesis and greatly reduce the list of symptoms in child’s future life.

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