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Children’s motor alalia

Alalia is a speech delay that develops with organic brain damage. However, normal intelligence and hearing remain. It usually occurs before the age of 3, when the brain is finally forming. Alalia is expressed by dysfunctions in grammar, vocabulary and phonemic structure.

Non-verbal syndromes may also occur simultaneously with these disorders. For example, a child may suffer from coordination and motor dysfunction when suffering from alalia. This combination of symptoms is called motor alalia.

Motor alalia treatment is still a serious challenge in the traditional therapy – the disease is poorly correctable, so medical scientists are searching for new experimental methods.

Disease symptoms: deviations in speech praxis, production of expressive speech, articulation. However, the child clearly understands other’s speech. Neurological symptoms have also been observed on several occasions. Often, children with this disease tend to use the left hand.

An electroencephalogram will show epileptiform activity and a localised brain delay. The therapy is mainly aimed at correcting the symptoms, as the human brain is not yet sufficiently understood to allow surgery or other invasive methods

The intermediate stage between conservative methods and surgical intervention is the stem cell transplantation procedure. It combines the advantages of the above-mentioned methods and is a future-oriented technique.

Modern methods of treating motor alalia

In many clinics around the world this pathology is treated comprehensively: the therapeutic protocol includes work with doctors of different specialties as well as many procedures aimed not only at correcting speech but also at improving movement coordination. A complex approach achieves a good therapeutic effect in many ways.

Innovations in the motor alalia treatment exist and are actively used in several clinics around the world, among which is our centre. Special attention should be focused on treatment with stem cells. This method belongs to biotherapy, which scientists around the world regard as the keystone of the future medicine.

Benefits of motor alalia cell therapy with stem cells:

  • Natural regenerative effects using the body’s own capabilities
  • There are no side effects, as the patient’s own stem cells do not cause an autoimmune reaction
  • Almost any child can undergo transplantation, because the contraindications are minimal
  • The effect achieved through cell therapy is difficult to compare with other procedures, as it is more complex and intensive
  • The procedure may seem expensive, but not if you compare the annual cost of traditional treatment.

If you want to considerably reduce the treatment process and achieve better recovery of the speech and musculoskeletal system, you should register your child for cellular therapy. Thousands of young patients with the same diagnosis have already undergone it and have been convinced that it has nothing compared to its effectiveness.

By treating motor alalia at the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, your child will learn to express thoughts, feelings and desires more clearly and quickly and will achieve the desired success during the school period.

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