Cell Therapy Department in the Mardaleishvili Clinic

The center is a world-class medical facility. The clinic is constantly performing research, development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors.

There is a department of cell therapy in which LAK-therapy is performed. Individual dendritic vaccines are performed, which are recognized as one of the progressive techniques in the treatment of different pathologies including cancer. Studies are being conducted to treat blood cancer diseases and other pathologies, using pre-collected stem cells.

Medical technologies used at the center do not stand still, they are constantly developing. Doctors annually undergo internships with the best specialists in the USA and Europe.
The department has successfully applied methods for correcting autism in children with their own cord blood or bone marrow stem cells.

Method of correction of childhood autism was developed in the USA by Dr. Michael Chez, Institute of Pediatric Neurology, California. This method is successfully applied in our center. The method allows us to achieve a significant regression of the disease.

This is the most effective treatment of autism known.